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This is police brutality

:warning: bloody

If that’s the only police behavior that may you agree fits the definition of brutality, then I guess I understand your point of view. IMO, there is plenty more behavior that can fit that definition.

And just for the record, I never ever claimed it was ‘police brutality.’ Checking this discussion, I see you are the one who said it “wasn’t police brutality.” I never even used those words myself, so I guess we’re in agreement.

Personally, I said it was unnecessary and a waste of time.


The definition of violence can very a lot in different places. But let’s be realistic here.
It was a very tame arrest of a non compliant suspect, who was faking a medical emergency, while his relatives/friends were very disruptive.

The reason for his arrest can can be controversial. But why blame the policemen involved?
Criticism should be put towards the government and those responsible for those regulations.

People have tried this. It didn’t work. They’re not listening. They just stand up in front of the TV cameras and hector everyone.

It’s now down to the people on the ground - the police, the judiciary, the local government officials - to tell the guys at the top that they’re not going to follow these silly rules. If they do that, then Dan Andrews and his ilk can bluster all they like, and all the BS will just blow away.


That’s exactly right. Take Bondi for example. The police simply don’t have the resources to arrest everyone on the beach who is not wearing a mask.

Also, the police hate walking on the beach in full gear, getting sweaty and hot and wrestling Sally to the sand. Most of these cops are too fat and unfit to run around anyway, and especially after being weighed down with all their gear such as baton, radio, gun, pepper spray, donut holster, etc.


Then again, if the police are too unfit to run across the beaches and arrest them all, then I guess they could just run em over. It’s not like they haven’t thought of that before.


Wonder if the police will arrest the gov operative putting those posters up?

And complete utter bollux:

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Must be threatening that handbag:

The pepper-spraying cop doesn’t even have his mask on properly.


Due to recent AUKUS submarine development I read this in UK Daily Mail tabloid.

True or False?

I can’t find any media coverage of this, but if it’s real, I suspect things are going to boil over.

EDIT: ah, here we go:

“…while others felt she deserved it for breaking public health orders.”

What sort of world are we living in now? Under what circumstances does an old lady “deserve” that? If that opinion is held by a significant number, Australia has truly fallen.

“Those arrested [for breaching health regulations] will be fined $5,452 each”

A month’s salary for not wearing a mask. Damn.

FWIW, a while ago I was reading an autobiography penned by an ex-British policeman who ended up in Canada by way of a short stint in Australia. He had a low opinion of the British police force, and an even lower opinion of the Australian one, ending his contract early - losing a significant amount of money - in order to get the hell out of there.

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Bit of argy-bargy in Victoria as the construction workers think their union boss is a bit of a twat.

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Sounds like he is sane and certainly not bought and sold:

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1 Australia is becoming a Chinese colony. Chinese can buy or steal anything in Australia (corporations, land, natural resources to send back out China). Chinese can become citizens, get jobs in the military, high tech, university, government. How many Chinese have become Australia citizens? Millions. How many Australians have received Chinese citizenship? Not. 1. Ever. Americans are equally naive. “There have been millions and millions of Chinese Americans but zero American Chinese”. Chinese use Western openness as a weapon. American freedom is China’s weapon.
2 Both Americans and Australians are clueless as to the danger of China. Chinese theft of US technology gets no reaction. A career criminal dies resisting arrest and US cities are put to the torch and looted. But the greatest transfer of wealth since 1492 has occurred and Americans don’t even notice.
3 Why? They’re too busy clicking on race baiting stories. You forbid smoking on TV but you haven’t the common sense to forbid race baiting. You cannot see they both cause cancer. Selling ads is paramount. And the left has succeeded in duping the most pluralistic society in the history of Planet Earth into believing it is racist. If you really want to see racism, move to China.


Amazing, a ‘pandemic’ that threatens to wipe out humans (and pets) across the planet and you can make a movie with no issues:


40-60k following livestream video in recent days as vaccine mandate protests continue daily in Melbourne. Nothing to be seen today.


Yeah, nah.

It’s definitely not millions.

From 1 July 2020 to 30 June 202​1 only 7,383 Chinese became Australian citizens.

The latest Census in 2016 recorded 509,555 China-born people in Australia, an increase of 59.8 per cent from the 2011 Census. And not all of them would be citizens.

However, there are 1.2 million in Oz who have Chinese ancestry.

Nonetheless, there’s some points I agree with in @loser 's post.

This is worth a read: Silent Invasion by Clive Hamilton | Hardie Grant Publishing

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“How many Chinese have become Australia citizens? Millions.”

Says “have become” not right at this instant in time.

But as to the overall point it hardly matters does it?

1 million, 2 million, 3, 4 is in comparison to the other number (zero Australians given Chinese citizenship).

You could do other comparisons:

Australian (corporations, natural resources land, legal rights, contractual rights, etc etc etc) held by Chinese versus holdings by Australians in China

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