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Is scientific data ‘spam?’

In any case, it’s at least 98.2% according to scientists.

I’m not trying to ‘win’ any argument, or ‘convince’ anyone of anything.

It’s just some data. :man_shrugging: If you don’t believe someone’s (what you consider to be) “bs argument,” feel free to argue an alternative point.

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No. But copying and pasting posts is.

If you’re not trying to convince anyone anything, why bother? What’s the point of continuously and relentlessly reminding us that it’s 99.9% or now 98.2%? Why harp on that number?

Many of us have repeatedly told you that deaths are not our only concern.

Seems there’s a lot of people here on Forumosa who keep repeating things, on all sides. I think that’s part of healthy discussions. If we’re going to get upset every time someone repeats a line of thought or an opinion, then I don’t think there’ll be much Forumosa left.

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We have already expressed that this argument doesn’t work on us and you need to change it up if you have any intention of convincing us. We’ve expressed our concerns already. Work with those perhaps?

Your reasoning is flawed.

One could just as well say, “Your particular arguments have been repeated by yourself and don’t work on me and various others either, so why do you persist with those?”

Neither have you adequately rebutted so many arguments that oppose yours. Why don’t you work on those?

Doesn’t mean that I demand you be silenced.

It really sounds like you’re trying to silence someone for not agreeing with you.


I’m not. I’m giving you tips on what many of us on this side of the debate are more likely to listen to. We’ve heard 98-99.9% a million times by now.

That’s your opinion.

I never did that.

One could just as well say. And I said it.


I think you missed my point: You can easily direct that statement to yourself, your very own posts, and your very own repeated arguments, thoughts and opinions.

Unless I’m mistaken, you have this amount of ability to self-reflect, right?

Simply saying someone has what you consider to be a “b****** argument,” appears to show you are not able to engage in the discussion at hand with any rationality and prefer to resort to insulting someone’s posts, simply because they don’t agree with your own repeated ones, or because - according to you - “they haven’t convinced a certain percentage of people.”

What you really seem to be saying is that you would like to shut down what you personally deem to be minority opinions.

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I think it would be nice to get an answer to the question: “why don’t you want to hear it”? What are these “other concerns” that you have that are so crucially important that Australia’s current restriction of civil liberties is justified?

Those two numbers that you’re complaining about refer to two different things. FairComment didn’t fudge anything. 98% refers to the general survivability in the average population. 99.9% refers to people in good heath and under (roughly) age 60.


We’ve also heard, “Covid is the most dangerous thing ever/ extremely contagious (wrong)/ ripping through XYZ country or state,” and other hyperbolic, alarmist, overly-emotive and unscientific language on this forum. Repeatedly.

Does that mean I should want to shut it down? Ban and censor those posters and posts? Insult the poster? For what end?

It is far better to try and counter with some argument and debate. Not with the end of ‘winning,’ but at least one is able to provide the opposing point. I certainly don’t mind hearing those.


@cake mentioned this in the humbug thread. It’s for real.

Not only is this sort of thing distressing for the kids (who, remember, are not even ill in the overwhelming majority of cases) and the parents, it’s putting nursing staff in an intolerable position. I predict more of them leaving the profession.


Why are they separated? The article says it happens if the parents are too sick to take care of them. The video posted in the other group shows the dad being wrestled to the ground and the kid dragged away. So that doesn’t add up.

Yeah, I’m not sure what was going on in the video. Not much context in those twitter posts. But the separation thing does appear to be genuine.

Covid deaths
Australia- 974
US- 626,000.

Not surprising to see you’re coming out on the side of death by plague.

Are you seriously asserting that Australia’s batshit rules are the sole reason for the difference in deaths?

How far do you think Australia should go to keep the low numbers? China has low numbers too.

Separating kids from parents?

Forced vaccinations?

Loss of jobs for the unvaccinated?

Detention of close contacts?

Welding doors shut?

There must be a point when you think, hey that is a bit much. Or is anything justifiable to keep delta out?


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China’s numbers are often fake.

I’m sure we could agree on that.

Ha ha. I know, I know.

But isn’t the argument that if they had big numbers, the hospitals would be overrun. You can’t hide the deaths etc. That is the argument whenever someone mentions that other countries’ low numbers are bs.


About 40 countries are claiming a death count at least two orders of magnitude lower than the leaderboard rate (6000 per million in Peru and 3000 per million in Hungary). Probably a lot of them are lying, but not all of them. Nobody seems to be really interested in why there was such a remarkable difference between the top end and the low end. It sure wasn’t masks and lockdowns.

EDIT: just discovered the published deaths-per-capita are BS (they’re actually CFRs). I’ll calculate them out myself.

I only argued China’s numbers are likely faked. Do you disagree?