The People’s Republic of Australia

Don’t disagree, but so what? There are other countries with a similar (declared) rate of deaths that probably aren’t faking their data.

I just thought using China as an example is a poor example. I’m sure there are better ones that would support his argument.

I don’t believe their numbers. But…

China does hard lockdowns, vaccine mandates, masks, separating families, mass testing, welding doors etc but they still couldn’t stop the virus? Their numbers are fake. Do those measures not work?

Other countries do the same to a lesser degree but they stop the virus?

Seems weird that a lot of people agree with the China blueprint of fighting Covid but then say the Chinese numbers are fake.


The vermin running Australia have a target to meet. A high percentage of jabbed serfs. As seen in other countries there seem to be similar schedules. They parrot the same phrases, slogans, news conferences and do almost the same things.
Australia is way behind schedule. The desperation on the faces of the psychopaths in Australian politicians is an eye opener.
The vaccine is not for the ‘virus’.
I hope the Australian tuckers can shut down the country as they have mooted.


If they actually do that a lot of lives are at risk. The politicians might realise what a fragile country Australia actually is - I doubt any of them understand how their champagne and oysters turn up in their fridges.


Indoctrination, Doublespeak, Cognitive Dissonance, Doublethink…

Only the minds that are under the continual assault of these propaganda tools can make such arguments.

The fact that we can identify it as strange is a great relief—our minds are still intact.

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I actually think being magnetic would be helpful for navigation purposes.


You’d need to obtain a calibration certificate periodically then.


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I’m fairly sure the companies manufacturing these vaccines are not charities, but for-profit corporations.


Covid-19 is not the flu.

It is very distinct.
For instance influenza was practically wiped out in most countries (temporarily) due to social distancing measures.
Meanwhile covid-19 would be racking 1000s of cases a day.

That’s just one very obvious way it is ‘NOT THE FLU’.

Also Covid-19 death rates could be up to 50 times a ‘bad flu’. Most scientists would say the worst strain of influenza in recent years would see a 0.1% death rate. Whereas if we were being conservative we would say that Covid-19 has minimum of 1% death rate. But many countries consistently record higher death rates of 3-5%.

So we are talking death rates of 10x-50x times a ‘BAD FLU’, but with transmissibility that is insanely high compared to flu even when enacting social distancing measures.



That’s the case with all medications. What’s your point? Do you think that governments and the medical community are promoting COVID vaccination as part of a conspiracy to make money for the companies involved?

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So I just joined this forum and surprised to see people on a Taiwan based website talking about the lockdowns in Australia also. I’m a kiwi staying in the Netherlands currently and heaps of people here are talking about this in public as well. I studied at a few training centres in Sydney back in the days after high school and was in the Penrith area. I have to say these lockdown measures in Australia but specifically Sydney are pretty unfair tbh. The thing is this, its mostly the West/South-West Sydney areas/LGAS/Districts that are at the worst, the laws and situations there right now according to my buddy who lives in the Penrith area is really bad. The military/army people patrol certain areas and police have been very abusive towards a lot of people.

Another issue here the “safety” of those western areas. I remember back when I was there for about 2 years me and my buddy came out of a pub in Penrith area just after 8 PM and these teenagers who were probably 16 or so came up to us and pulled a knife on us demanding money, my buddy managed to drop all 3 of them before they could swing the damn thing so that was lucky I guess,

I’m mentioning this because the western areas are full of people who are like those teens I just mentioned. In Sydney terms the west is basically Compton/Brixton/South Central (not as bad obviously but the Sydney version of those places) and crime is much higher there than east Sydney or the north shore usually. With these lockdowns there a lot of people have lost their jobs, they’re dole payments have been cut off for some, and it’s basically at breaking point and I wouldn’t be surprised if some George Floyd style riot happens there eventually.

I know one thing, no politician would want to walk in the western areas without armed security ever again because a lot of people there have nothing to loose and would do some serious harm. I’ve seen my fair share of fight there over my 2 years of living there and lots of them were over basically nothing, some over “staring”, now imagine what will eventually happen when you lock people like that in their homes for ages, things will turn.

I heard a saying once, You can lock a lion in a cage and poke it with a stick for as long as you want but one day it will break out and attack you.


Truly amazing that the flu vanished for a year for the first time ever and is rising out of the grave like the ubiquitous hand appearing in front of the tombstone you see in the zombie films just in time for the new types of flu vaccines they plan to give people when called in for their quarterly boostaz.


Australia and New Zealand have managed to out stupid the rest of the world with this virus.

Usually us English are world leaders in organising total cock ups, but this time our friends in the Antipodes have got us beat.

Hats off and booyah for that! Fist bumps (followed by hand sanitizer) all round.


Why do you label it a ‘conspiracy?’ As you admitted, these companies are openly profit-motivated.

The government and these companies are working in sync as they are able to each achieve their own ends. Sometimes those ends align, sometimes not. Overall, it’s a great time for them to facilitate and consolidate each of their own plans.

Whether those plans are "nefarious’ or not is dependent on one’s point of view.

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Didn’t London have some harsh lockdowns or something before? I remember seeing lockdown protests on the news there over it.

From down under today:


yeah not good huh, this is getting beyond a joke tbh people have had enough.


Thanks for that.

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