The Photography Gear G.A.S. thread


Many people will soon receive bonuses for Chinese New Year, so it’s an ideal time to open a thread about photography gear. What could possibly go wrong?

I’d suggest to keep this one exclusively gear oriented, so a place where we can ask for advice regarding cameras, lenses, accessories, share interesting findings on ruten etc etc.

Smartphones -> no

“But you can take photos with a smartphone! Checkm8, bigot!” -> listen you inbred strawman, just because a bicycle has wheels and takes me from point A to point B that doesn’t make it a train.

For the uninitiated: G.A.S. = Gear Acquisition Syndrome


After several years I got a new GoPro because the Hero 7 Black is a very neat piece of tech. The stabilization is absolutely bonkers. I’ve not been in the GoPro meta for a while and back when I had my…GoPro 2? 3?..third party accessories were shitty and not easy to find. I was shocked by how much stuff I was able to buy on Ruten. For the price of the original case I got a set with 54 accessories that has all the mounts I could ever think of, a case, a bag, a small tripod…holy cow, so much stuff.


I have heard the last gopro has really good stabilizer. I have the old 2 or perhaps 3, haven’t used as much as I should, but still good to have it just in case.

I got a small flash recently and I’m considering to buy or even better make a light diffuser… sorry, not much GAS recently :smiley:


The hypersmooth thing on the new GoPro is really amazing, I tested in on my bicycle and I could not believe how smooth it is.

I broke my last diffuser last week, rip to it…will have to use my old one while I look for some cheap alternative.


some plastic cup or something.

How would the new GoPro take bites from angry snakes?




You misquoted me!!!


My tabletop tripod should’ve been delivered today:

Gonna be in Europe with it over CNY. I’ve long given up photography as a serious hobby, just carry around a little Olympus PEN. Just need some support if I’m lucky enough to see the aurora.


OK, so the little flash I bought is the Godox TT350. TTL, 2 AA batteries, “34” meters rated (well…). More than enough for taking night bugs pictures, and can be used in dark rooms for bouncing flash photos. Price on Ruten and at physical shops if bargaining: 2,500? 2,700nt? can’t remember.


You can’t prove it!

Anyway, I got this:

Alloy cage with cap, lens thread and protective filter at the front. It makes it very safe to carry it anywhere anytime.

@Liub I’ve always wondered about the stability of that, let me know how it works. i have a Fotopro Mini-Pro which is very stable even with 5D4 and heavy lenses but it’s a bit heavy and bulky (for a mini tripod, I mean). The Sirui seems much easier to carry around.


The only annoying thing about the Go pro 7 is the audio: it’s surprisingly good for such a small camera, but it tends to pick up any sound caused by contact or friction on the case.
I ordered on Rutien a tiny Saramonic mic that should fix this, hopefully.


Sure thing I can report back, but I’m only running a prime lens 35mm equivalent so it’s not bulky enough to test what you’re after. But I’ll give some impressions after some testing.


I’ve got the same tripod. I think it will be a little too wobbly for anything bigger than the 6D MK II. Especially with big lenses.
This should do the trick:

Does someone have experiences with non-original canon batteries? Or should I better stick to the original ones?


I have three original ones and a third party one. I haven’t done any proper testing but I’m fairly certain the non original one doesn’t last as long as Canon’s.

I rarely use it because with 3 batteries I only need a 4th one if I’m out 3+ days and I forget both my chargers at home.


Apart from the capacaty I’m more concerned about possible voltage peaks and/or bloating.


Yeah I don’t think it’ll be up to task for any of the longer lenses. I had a quick play with it, seem cheap and cheerful and most likely sufficient for what I need. Lighter in my hands than expected (despite knowing exactly how much it weighs…), so thats pretty good.


It’s rated for 4kg, the heaviest setup I’d put on it is well below 2kg, probably 1.7 / 1.8kg…maybe there’s some hope?


Will report back after I get some field testing in next week.


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