The Photography Gear G.A.S. thread


Today on Dpreview I’ve seen samples of the new Olympus m1x (or whatever the name). For a pro camera aimed at sports/action, anything above iso1600 looks like garbage. There are a few pics at iso4000+ and they look like a joke. How can they ask 89k Nt body only for that?


Speaking of cameras and prices…


That didn’t really make sense to me, why would a pro gravitate towards M4/3? The ISO performance is clearly linked to sensor size.

But well, anything that may help prolong the format is good for me indirectly I suppose!


Link those pictures or the review.

It might be this one…?



I really don’t understand who’s this camera for. It performs no better than a G9 or even cheaper bodies, and for that price you could get sooo much better on aps-c or full frame. At least Panasonic in their expensive bodies put amazing video features.


Doesn’t even offer a smaller sized body as a point of differentiation and a benefit of the format. Oh well.


i tried this little saramonic mic and it’s pretty good! Even on the m50 it sounds reasonable.

Anyway screw gopro for the mic adapter price of 50$.


This is far from scientific so take it with a grain of salt. Im on my 4th canon body in 10 years (field biology isnt friendly to technology). This last trip we went singapore, malaysia, borneo. This last body is my only working one after driving over my old camera bag full of everything by accident. This is 70d, i dont do top of the line for outside tropical asia anymore haha. So we were in singapore, finished some forest/island stuff and i had only brought 1 battery, forgot spares. So we went to singapores big tech markets and bought a battery. It was not the canon brand.

Afterwards we were in sarawak for 2 weeks photographing frogs in the jungle and (luckily) the last day the camera crapped out. Totally. White screen. Ive been doing these trips for over a decade in se asia in some REALLY wet places so im equipped for wet and seal, silica gel the crap out of everything all the time. It wasnt the water. The only thing i can think of is the battery as it was only there that i started using it (there just isnt much interesting in singapore to photograph…). Canon phoned me yesterday saying it needs new motherboard. No mention of water damage, rust, fungus etc. Which have destroyed my first few cameras.

Maybe its not. But i no longer trust third party parts from other countries. I used third party batteries bought in taiwan without issue, but now i really dont want to be buying adapters, batteries, chargers etc in countries that are sketchy like china, malaysia, singapore etc. Bring it all from from taiwan. Had a few experiences with shit gear when abroad.

Because i forgot my batteries from home it cost 1 month of no camera use and 9,000nt to fix. When new years is over i can finally start photographing again. Now i only buy batteries from reputable places and brands. Im really not a brand person…


How I feel after spending a good portion of today tiding my camera gear.


On the 14th Canon is set to announce a new full frame mirrorless camera and 5 lenses. Apparently the camera will be budget friendly, so if anyone is thinking about purchasing some new stuff in the near future, it may be wise to postpone any purchase. On the same day the rumors leaked, Sony dropped the price of its A73 by 200$.


Tired as fuck but here’s some cheap tripod porn!

First impression is that it’s super light. The applications in photos above is hampered by the inability to adjust each individual legs’ reach + angle, but it is a table top tripod after all. Just gotta use the ball head a bit wiser.


If browsing on flickr, instagram etc taught me anything, is that cheap porn is an integral part of current year photography.

According to its size I’d say that tripod would work great with my M50, but I’m afraid the 5D4 might not agree with that.


I haven’t busted it out for food porn yet since it’s a bit obnoxious but I think it’ll be great for IG food whores (I am also).

It’s already a tiny bit chipped from being thrown around a lot, but that’s expected.


If anyone needs a charger and batteries for GoPro 5/6/7:

This kit from Telesin is sold by many stores on Ruten. The batteries are good quality, and the charger is really convenient. It works as storage for up to 3 batteries, uses usb-c to charge them and has an led that shows which batteries are still charging and which ones are already full.


Good God. Looks like Canon wasn’t a fan of Sony claiming:“We’re #1 in full frame mirrorless sales!” when they were the only company producing full frame mirrorless cameras.
1299$ at release and ideal for anyone doing videos, this thing is going to fly off shelves like crazy. It’s a full frame camera at basically the size, weight and price of competitors’ aps-c models.


I wont be buying that one. But i hVe to say canon has treated me well. I started with nikon but switched. Ive bought canon cameras in 4 countries and even had canon here fix an ocerseas purchased bosy and the overseas canon company paid my friend for the bill here after mailing them the sensor. Aleays needed to prove it to them but they have always come through for me. My latest was replacing the motherboard on my camera which they fixed and wanted to deliver during cny… The people there are diligent. I give them credit and my business for their work.


And Nikon is selling that theirs for like 3 timee that price :smiley:


Taiwan will jack up the price of that right?

$1299 = $40,000ntd :confused:

It looks great and has a lens mount to use your dslr canon lenses with it.


Taiwan will jack the price up but the grey market will jack it back down. I shoot Fuji but this Canon stuff looks real interesting.


I haven’t seen the RP in any online listing in Taiwan, fingers crossed for the price.

The fact that it has the adapter for ef glass is a huge bonus. For a decent one to use on Sony cameras that’s 400$+ gone, and the performance is still not the same as native lenses.