The Pill changes women's taste in men

Any thoughts?

Picky women

A possible easy way out for those guys that complain about clingy Taiwanese gf’s… lol…

  1. Get her on the pill.
  2. Stop taking your Centrum and stay up all hours of the night.


Here’s my thought: The article suggests that raised progesterone levels are associated with being more picky when it comes to men’s appearances. Left unsaid in the article, but certainly logically implied, is that lower progesterone levels are associated with being less picky.

Two questions:

(1) Are there any drugs that lower progesterone levels from the standard baseline?

(2) If such a drug existed, and offered no harmful side effects, how many women would voluntarily lower their progesterone level in order to achieve a permanent “beer goggles” effect?

Note, this is obviously a very hypothetical question (since it’s hard to imagine such a drug have NO other effects), but I do think it raises some interesting issues:

  • To what extent would people be willing to live with a “false” impression of how attractive someone was? If you think someone is more attractive because you are taking a drug that has this effect, is it really “false”?

  • Would this lead to healthier relationships in which women who found a man to be wonderful “on the inside” could more easily overcome a lack of physical attraction? Or would it lead to more widespread infidelity since everyone looked more attractive (not just the spouse or S.O.)?

So will I still be attracted to my boyfriend once I get off the pill? :unamused:

and if this pill were offered to men, to help them acheive permanent beer goggles, would they give up beer?? :loco:

mmm… dun make sense to me.

If women could actually CONTROL who they got pregnant with…it might affect their dating and relationship patterns? Hm. Never thought of that.

But just for the record…I have only been on the pill ONCE in my entire life…in order to regulate my period…and whoa…it’s hormone therapy, dude. I could definitely affect who you are attracted to, as well as your own pheromone glands, just everything about your body. No question.

I think it should be the other way around.

On pill, find any man attractive.
Not on pill, more choosy. Gotta be choosy when choosing the possible father of child.

So what if I meet the guy I wanna have children with when I’m on pill and then stop the pill to get things going. Will I still want to have children with that guy?

Gosh…do I really worry about such a thing :unamused:

I read about another effect of the pill. You may know that humans have so called MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) which is basically the fingerprint of one’s immune system.

So, normally people whose MHC are very different find each other’s smell attractive, as information about the MHC is also in the sweat. This makes sense from a biological perspective as the offspring of those two people will have a better (more diverse) MHC than the offspring of two people with roughly the same MHC. A more diverse MHC means the person’s immune system can react to bacteria and viruses better, thus that person is healthier.

Now, when a women is not on the pill, this works pretty accuratly as has been proven in some studies involving women smelling the sweat of strangers. She prefered men with different MHC than her own.
However, when women are on the pill, the prefernces are reversed, i.e. she finds mates with the same MHC as herself more attractive.

The advice for women from a biological perspective is, when you want to find a mate make sure you are not on the pill, as this would change your preferences away from the healthy MHC combination.

And don’t go cruising with stuffy sinuses either!

I only noticed 2 effects, personally. Lower tolerance (to alcohol) and no cramps.
If I was less picky, it wouldn’t have made any difference anyway, since I was already in a relationship.

Dear Abbey

Now I’m getting worried. Something freaky is going on here. The pills I’m on make everybody seem so much more attractive, so full of fun and great humour and so caring, and I love all of them so much, yet I haven’t fallen pregnant yet.

Is this normal? :astonished:

I imagine that finding volunteers for that project would depending on finding precisely the right sort of female specimen. This is the Sex in the City age after all so why not come right out and say it - Not all women are created equal in that department either. Text Deleted [color=red]Mod Note: Please Keep It PG-13.[/color]

The pill just puts women off sex altogether - that has been my experience.

you really think so??? Hmm…doesn’t applied to me!

I don’t know what it’s called, but there is a needle women can take that acts like the pill. Ends the menstrual cycle and, from experience, the libido as well. Also causes weight gain so that last point becomes moot quickly.

you really think so??? Hmm…doesn’t applied to me![/quote]

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Your better 'alf is a lucky feller then I guess!

No, just certain brands… :s

you really think so??? Hmm…doesn’t applied to me![/quote]

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Your better 'alf is a lucky feller then I guess![/quote]

Still trying to find my prince charming and someone can keep up w/ me, its hard to find them.

Pills doesn’t change the taste in men, women does it themselves.