The Pixel 2s are here! (For sale or trade NIB pix 2 and 2 XL 64 &128GB versions)


plz lemme know if this should be in a diff subfield. or move it.

I have, as per request some Pixel 2s freshly imported from the US of A.
I have one Pixel 2 128GB.
and several XLs 64GB and 128GB.
All new in box. some are verizon, some straight from google. all unlocked.
I am in Tainan near NCKU.
I also have a spare google home mini (maybe… brought 3 for a request. he may want only 2…)

I need a scooter. so, a trade may be possible.

aaand… yeah. pm me.
or, my LINE is chichihuil


How much is a 2 XL?


30k ntd. But entertaining offers.
Trade for a nice road bike (I can include cash) or a Fuji XF lens


Have to think about it, the Pixel 3 is on its way and I live in Taipei, so it’s quite a distance from where you are.




I’m a Sony/Minolta guy for ages, no Fuji lenses. And what’s a road bike? (a scooter?)


Bicycle. With thin tired meant for fast road riding.


I have a Minolta x700 as well.
Do you have a big aperture something you might be willing to o parte with?

Also. For those interested. I have one spare Google home mini nib.


Have to check my lenses, I have e-mount and a-mount.


I have an A-100, A-700, A7II, Nex 5 (the old model), a Pentax SP from 1966, a Minolta from around the same time including winder, lenses …


Hey guys. Still have two new in box pixel 2Xl 64gb phones for sale.
Goin up to Taipei to deliver my last 128GB if anyone is interested
PM me.
I’ve knocked the price down to 18k on these two last ones.
Open to offers.
Cycling or photo equipment.
Gogoro accessories…
Partial payment toward a veryca or Prz microvan

I really want a Fuji 56mm lens ;-p