The Pizza Thread

Where are you from and what do you consider most necessary for a good pizza?

  • Dough (Crust)
  • Sauce
  • Topping
  • Other (comment please)

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Where are you from - and what do you consider most necessary for a good pizza - dough - sauce - topping - It would be helpful if we could get some comments from our Chinese friends.

Chou Do Fu

I don’t understand the poll question. How can you consider dough to be a good pizza? Can you say that sauce is a good pizza? Or is the question “What is the most important element of a good pizza?”

oh, just vote. It aint that tough to figure out, but ok, I’ll be submissive and go back to clarify.


Mixture of all three. If any one of them is poor, the pizza will be poor.

The sauce is the most important; it influences everything else. The crust can be weak and still have an edible pizza; the toppings can be skimpy, and it’ll be ok. Wreck the sauce and the whole thing is trash.

Why is this in Open?

I would say crust 60% sauce 30% cheese 10%. these numbers are weighted for the fact that it’s a lot harder to make a good crust than a good sauce. if either of the two are bad, you won’t have a good pizza. but i’d rather have a pizza with a good crust and a mediocre sauce than vice-versa. if both are good even a bad cheese could be eaten, in fact everywhere uses factory produced shlock anyway.

Well, its not really a restaurant thing, (i.e. not about a particular restaurant) its almost a culture thing…but that doesn’t really fit either. Feel free to move it wherever you like…but do not remove it :fume: as i’d really like to know (in comments) what people think is a good pizza.


A typical Taiwan Pizza :laughing:

This was posted in the other pizza thread earlier! Probably we have enough pizza threads going :slight_smile:

Funny I can remember this poll and making that post in 2004 like it was yesterday!