The planet of the Taiwanese

On August 27th, 1998, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills California, hosted a 30th Anniversary screening and reunion for Planet of the Apes. This was a remake of an old science fiction story which started in the early 70s, for those who are not in the know. I was watching HBO the other night and this movie was playing, I had seen it before due to the fact I am a big Tim Burton’s fan (the director).While watching the movie again and after living in Taichung for a short period, I had noticed some similarity with the apes of the movie and the Taiwanese.
Now before you get all worked up and flame me for being a racist, read the article in its entirety and try not to be to serious in this time of world conflict

You’re just loony.

You watched Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes TWICE!!!

Not only is he extremely unfunny, this shows that he also has very questionable taste. Not loony, just ignorant.

You had too much time writing a 520 wordcount article.
It would have cost something if you take 5 bucks per word.


If only I were blessed with being ignorant.I am sorry if my humor is over your head. My future post will be more simplistic just for you. Again I apologize. :shock:

Over our heads? Don’t flatter yourself. It never got off the ground.