The Pocahontas 1/2020th thread, aka E. Warren


Not Cherokee, like she claimed, or even American Indian of any kind. Maybe she has a distant Inca ancestor?


Anyone can have ancestry of any kind, but if someone claims of being a Cheeroke in order to benefit from the “minority status” while not having any relation to the Cheeroke tribe, then it’s a problem. She tried to play the:“My grandparents told me so, I thought that…” but it didn’t work well.

The Dna test showed that, MAYBE, 6+ generations back, she had some ancestor with South American dna. Not exactly enough to define herself as a Cheeroke.


Which one is it, can DNA tests distinguish between south and North American natives or not ?


Well, to clarify, it didn’t disprove she may have had a Cherokee ancestor 6 to 12 generations ago. Native Americans have deliberately not provided DNA samples because they do their whole tribal thingy differently. But yes, her DNA was compared to Peruvian natives or the best match they could find.


No, they can’t, so the test did nothing to verify her Cherokee claim.


No. According to the geneticist she hired to do the test, it only “strongly suggests” she had a relative some generations back who carried the same genetic marker as natives of Central and Latin America.

Her DNA was not tested against any North American native (not tested against the Cherokee, although she claimed her ancestor was in fact Cherokee), but in any case there was no proof.

Zero. Only a “strongly suggests” from a geneticist with whom she exchanged money for his opinion.


Seems like half the posters here say that you can see the difference between south and North American natives, and half can say you cannot


In the test she took, there was no way to make this distinction. Everyone is saying the same thing.


And there are other tests?

The Cherokee Nation said in their statement the following


The most remarkable takeaway from the whole thing is that Warren actually released a statement from her geneticist.

The statement was indecisive at best (so why release it?) yet Warren wants Americans to perceive her as leadership material. Like, POTUS material.

She has invited Trump’s derision by releasing her geneticist’s statement, frankly. The whole thing has become sadly hilarious.


I think she figured she could get away with vague, fuzzy statements like Trump does. Apparently, she can’t. :grin:


Just to clarify: do you believe that someone who 150/200 years ago (maybe more than that) may have had a single ancestor of a particular ethnicity, and not a single other one on the the rest of her whole family tree, could describe herself as completely belonging to that ethnicity and nothing else? And use that claim to benefit her career?

I wouldn’t take off the table the chance that 500 years ago I had some ancestor from Ghana. Does it mean I can say I’m African if a dna test shows that I’m 1 / 4096th or whatever fraction of sub-saharan ancestry? Would you find it reasonable?


True, but she had a can of beer while livestreaming. Forget about this debacle, she’s just like us!


I think she also knows she can rely for political cover on the Boston Globe, as well as the rest of the Democrat media.


Yes. Luckily, these currencies are becoming more devalued every day.


nope, I do not find that reasonable. But, that is not the argument you have been making. You have been saying that she maybe had someone from South America and/or disputing in general that she has any native ancestors.

I was just questioning if its confirmed she didnt have any native ancestors, and to me it seems a bit inconclusive(altough as you said, no matter the situation she shouldn’t apply for anything reserved for natives)


Or making contributions to cook books like Pow Wow Chow and signing off as Elizabeth Warren Cherokee. She has an authenticity problem, apparently the recipe in Pow Wow Chow was plagiarized word for word from else where.


I’m not the one who claimed of being a Cheeroke, SHE has the burden of proof because SHE made the claim of being a CHEEROKE. She made that claim in order to obtain benefits during her career, and then she produced a dna test that not only was not conclusive, but also that in THE BEST CASE SCENARIO (for her) shows that she may have had a single ancestor of native american dna
several generations ago. That’s not enough to consider herself a Cheeroke, just as I wouldn’t call myself African.

If she said:“I’m the whitest woman in the USA but I’ve had a long lost native american ancestor and my grandparents taught me some cool stuff”, that would have been absolutely acceptable because we all have ancestors from different cultures and ethnic groups, and it would not have angered the Cheeroke tribe who consider her a buffoon.


Yep. The beer episode only added to it.

Gotta love her hubby’s “no thanks” to a beer, too. The only thing missing is Dukakis bobbing around in a tank. :laughing:


That was unbelievably cringeworthy, and hopefully a sign of more excellent entertainment to come in the 2020 election cycle. :grin: