The Pocahontas 1/2020th thread, aka E. Warren


If Pocahantas is an “offensive racial slur” like Chris claims, then Pow Wow Chow is off the charts. :rofl:


I’ve never liked Warren nor her positions but she is far, far better than many coming from the left. The thing is her campaign strategy appears to be try to be Hillary Clinton without the name recognition and with even less charisma.

She’s tailor made for Trump but won’t make it out of the primaries. No way the democrats elect somebody who doesn’t check at least two intersectional boxes and, her ‘Native American’ heritage notwithstanding, all she has is the female card.


I’m no fan of Elizabeth Warren, but that’s just mean.


Aside from her Native American claims, I never had a problem with her until I heard of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which apparently was her brain child. Set up with no oversight (not a good idea), seems to be packed full of partisan hacks funneling money to left leaning organizations and causes.


If she identifies as Cherokee then she’s Cherokee. I thought that was how things work now?




So if I identify as Elizabeth Warren, does that make me Cherokee too? Just trying to do the math here…


It depends: can you provide some inconclusive proof as basis for your claim?


I watched about 30 minutes of Pocahantas on TV when I was channel-flipping one day. Is that good enough?


Hello Senator Warren! Nice to meet you!


You just won yourself an important position on my failed 2020 election committee!


At this point in time you aren’t allowed to identify as another individual, you can only identify as a member of another group. Give it a few years and this rule may change.


For someone whose supposedly Bellicose hes started Zero Wars and brought troops home from Afganistan and Syria as promised, made headways of Peace in Korea. His actions speak louder, other policians talk about Peace while planning the next war with the media., Now the Mainstream Media thinks Peace is a bad idea, but I doubt they were ever for peace.


But Trump literally identifies as Hitler. Get your facts straight, buddy.


How do we know she made the claim in order to receive benefits, and not because her parents always told her so and she had no reason to doubt them ?

I’m asking basically, is there any indication she made these claims knowing they are not true in order to receive benefits ?


There is no way to know for sure, IbisWtf is making an assumption. It’s possible she heard the story about one of her ancestors being Cheeroke and thought she would identify as Cheeroke just to be different or special.


What ibiswtf is also doing is defamatory, for which I already flagged it

The libel laws in Taiwan are quite strict and you cannot just go around online or offline making these kind of accusations(arguably baseless/nothing she has been found guilty of)


That seems a bit excessive. But if you’re following this standard, I wonder if you also flagged Chris’ post:


Comments made about public figures are generally not going to be a problem, Chris can call Trump a racist a bully, liar or pretty much whatever he likes and Ibiswtf can say (in his opinion) Warren claimed Native American status for profit.


He’s not accusing/implying anyone of a misdemeanour and/or felony