The Pocahontas 1/2020th thread, aka E. Warren


I’m sure Interpol will be very interested in this shocking act of international libel. :sunglasses:


ohhh, so your whole argument was based on butthurt! Jesus, you could have said that in advance and instead of explaining to you why her claim of being a cheeroke is retarded, I would have posted a meme or two and be done with it.


What happened is that she ticked off a box on her AALS listing that identified her as native American (Association of American Law schools, a non-digital type of encyclopedia of who was who in American law that was used extensively by the Ivy League to identify recruitment targets for employment prior to the existence of online databases as we know them today).

This happened about the time that she submitted a plagiarized recipe to Pow Wow Chow under the title Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee.

Let me repeat. Elizabeth Warren identified herself as native American in a publication that was well-known as a reference for hiring by Ivy League law schools, as well as identifying herself as native American in a published cookbook.

She subsequently became the first public-school (Rutgers Law) law professor ever hired by Harvard Law.

When she gained tenure at Harvard Law the school stopped listing her as a native American law professor. Why did she allow that change prior to a DNA test if she believed her family? Nobody but Harvard Law and Warren know for sure, but it’s likely that she underwent further scrutiny of a type that implicated Harvard Law and their newly tenured professor. Or she and Harvard came to some other conclusion, nobody knows for sure (yet). What is not questioned is that Warren listed herself as native American and subsequently became the first public-school law prof ever hired by Harvard Law.

Warren’s background stinks real bad, and her nomination will surely be blocked by the Democrat party as a result. If she somehow becomes the nominee, then I suspect we haven’t seen anything yet. The ensuing ugliness will make Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing seem like a schoolgirl’s tea party by comparison - something the DNC will likely smother in its crib.


It’s not like that We are the ones saying all of this. The Cherokee nation spoke out against her and do not recognize her nor do any other Native American nations.

This is as ridiculous as me claiming to be the king of Korea because my grandma says her relative was royalty and I took a DNA test that strongly suggests this with 1/1024 DNA results.

Whether she is actually Native American with ancestry in North America is now a irrelevant conversation now. It’s more of the fact she doubles downs on this shit show that shows me she has no business making decisions.


Isn’t it something like 10% of people in northern China and Mongolia are descendents of Genghis Khan?





I think something like that. Idk if that’s ever been confirmed. But sounds entirely possible.




I think the Taiwanese authorities have more pressing issues to attend to.



i didn’t know much about Beto-boy, but he’s trying to compete with Pocahontas and the Commie-girl in dumb and dumber, and gaining ground, too.

Here’s his stream of conscious diary…

Have been stuck lately. In and out of a funk. My last day of work was January 2nd. It’s been more than twenty years since I was last not working. Maybe if I get moving, on the road, meet people, learn about what’s going on where they live, have some adventure, go where I don’t know and I’m not known, it’ll clear my head, reset, I’ll think new thoughts, break out of the loops I’ve been stuck in.

Anyone can recommend a shrink for this troubled man?


He’s like one of us! Time to rethink our political positions.


his other daydream…

This was the most intense fog I’d seen. A thick all encompassing blanket. I figured that by the time I’d finished breakfast at the Pancake House in Liberal (top three pancakes I’ve ever had) the sun would burn through, but it didn’t.

If he ever says IHOP is da :bomb:, he is really starting to make some political headwinds


This is a perfectly reasonable attitude for an eighteen year old. For anyone older than that, it comes across as arrested development.

He’s not troubled, he’s delayed. He’s way too old to be entering a Holden Caulfield phase.


Come on now, lots of great people were late bloomers…J.K. Rowling, Colonel Sanders, Ray Croc…the list goes on!




Hard not to be envious of the American left’s ready access to Hollywood and its myth-making machinery.

Would love to see what could happen if Hollywood would get over itself long enough to fall out of :heart_eyes: with the Democrats.


I think Hollywood will lose its grip on the public imagination first…it’s happening as we type.


her campaign must be lacking in new ideas…


“Nia-Makita Henderson explores the politics of identity in American life – race, religion, region, gender, class and party.”

You would not want to be sat next to her on a long haul flight. Luckily I wouldn’t have the chance as I’d be in Economy.