The Pocahontas 1/2020th thread, aka E. Warren


aaand were back

Strawman arguments based on identity politics.



If this isn’t about identity, what is it about?


It’s about becoming the power brokers among many factions. That way you take the middleman’s cut of every human interaction whatsoever.

This why the Marxists and socialists work together. Class conflict makes it look like we need big government to manage the conflict. No class conflict, no need for a middleman.

The last thing they want is equality. If everyone were equal they’d be out of business. What they want is an endless unsatisfied desire for a bigger piece of the pie. This is what lies behind the “equality” rhetoric.


How did you get to Marxism from a starting point of a woman claiming to be Native American?


It’s about her motive for making that claim.


I’m going to need some elaboration to follow you on this one.


I believe this is what Roland is alluding to.


It’s more of a civil offense.


It’s official now.


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The elders of the Wypipo tribe would like a word with her.


And more evidence of the shotgun approach to spending more money on lost causes.
Shoot out any old issue, and hopefully it’ll stick.


What percentage black do you have to qualify? 1/1024?


Pretty soon we’ll all be getting a pony!

Promises schmomishes.