The Podcast Thread

I love reply all. they also just advertised a Qanon special. looking forward to it

Try “The Daily Smile”, then.
I get a feeling that you’ll like it.

Here’s my list:

BBC In our time
BBC History of the world in 1000 objects
Zeitsprung Geschichten aus der Geschichte

Crime and Spooky
Verbrechen aus der Vergangenheit
Verbrechen von Nebenan
That’s why we drink
Zeit Verbrechen
Astonishing Legends
Haunted Places

The transgender Scientist
How to be a girl

Unter Pfarrerstöchtern

Podcast ohne richtigen Namen
Düt und Dat OP Platt
Hör mal‘n beten to
BBC global news
Well, there’s your problem. An engineering podcast with slides.


If you guys are following the podcast trends, you probably already heard about this one, as it’s in the top 10 of most downloaded podcasts and even lead to list for a while.

If not, let me share it with you, then:
The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz)

The idea is to go through the Bible in 365 days, and each episode includes a commentary at the end. They are also reading it in a chronological way, so it’s a more dynamical approach.


Looks interesting

Wow, looks like a lot of Bible! Will give it a look.

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There’s a similar podcast in german. “Unter Pfarrerstöchtern”. The hosts are Sabine Rückert, deputy editor in chief of Die Zeit and Johanna Haberer, Professor of Theology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

McWhorter is probably my favorite pop linguist - his podcast really is good.

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once upon a time i paid attention to joe rogan and sam harris (or at least, would listen to some of their guests). these days i mostly just listen to Big Think on youtube (not all videos, but that’s my go-to ‘podcast’)