The Pope on Mondays

I have always been curious about this, so maybe someone can explain. But almost every Monday, without fail, for many many years, the KMT funded CHINA POST English newspaper, which we all read (NOT!), well, every Monday, without fail, they put a photo of the Pope in Rome on the front page or page 2, and they run a wire story from Rome telling readers what the Pope said in his Sunday address to the faithful in St Peters Squared.

Every Monday, without fail. Happened yesterday again, and of course, the Pope was going on about the tsunami and how faith will keep us together. It’s always nice stuff, nothing contro, and the Pope is a nice guy. I like him.

But the CHINA POST doesn’t see fit to print the Dalai Lama’s weekly speeches, or the chief Mullah in Pakistan, or the Chief Rabbi in Israel or the atheist leader of Great Britain, or any other spiritual teachers. Just the Pope. Every Monday. Front page or page 2. Without fail.

So…with this kind of record… I am wondering if the Post’s owners are Catholic, and they ask that the Pope’s words grace the paper every Monday, when it’s a slow news day anyway, since Sunday’s news is always slow, the the day before. PLUS, the POST runs some Fu Ren University Jesuit Father’s weekly column every Sunday, too, nice fatherly stuff, so I am wondering if anyone knows:

Does the CHINA POST have some kind of Catholic connection to the Pope or the FuRen University in Hsingkuang? Or is it just a coincidence that every Monday the Pope gets his photo and summary of his SUnday speech printed there?

There’s gotta be an explanation. Anyone work there who knows?

Could it have anything to do with the Vatican recognising the ROC, and having an embassy here, but not recognising the PRC?

Or maybe the editor is also a banjo player?

[quote=“Loretta”]Could it have anything to do with the Vatican recognising the ROC, and having an embassy here, but not recognising the PRC?

Or maybe the editor is also a banjo player?[/quote]

Ah, now that explains why I saw about a dozen Italian priests at the airport a while back.

Go Vatican go

Is that the paper that has Christian church advertisements every Saturday? (So you can go to church on Sunday?) And never any for Buddhism or anything like that?

You’ll never catch the pope delivering encyclicals on blow jobs, as the Dalai Lama found himself doing once. (“Wrong organ.”) Or at least it would be suitably disguised with a title like “De felatio humanae” or something. On the other hand, nobody gets impressed when the pope turns out to know something about science…

I think they should print sermons from Rev. Fred Phelps instead. I’d read those.

What I thought of when I read “the pope on Mondays”: … shpope.htm

Another funny pope pic:

I hope the Catholic church in Taiwan is operating honestly and in an open manner.

Now it’s the Pope on Thursday, too. Front page photo, China Post, picture of Pope as he gives his thoughts on tsunami. Of course.

There are no other spiritual leaders in Europe worth quoting or putting on the front page, of course. The Pope speaks for all men (women not). And for the China Post.

My guess is the editors there must be converted Catholics and they it as their mission to paste the Pope’s face in their broadsheet as often as possible, in the hopes that some local Tawianese readers will see the light and follow Rome.

Well, it’s close. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Taiwan…

No Pope news today. First Monday in years with no Pope on Front page of Chinoise poste. maybe i was wrong.

True, Monday no Pope news. But TUESDAY is a horse of a different color. Pope makes page 2, China Post, news briefs. Hedline reads: “POPE PRAISES GAY MARRIAGE IN SPEECH TO MOTHER TERESA”

Not. Just another Papal message that belongs to the Dark Ages of HuNanity!

The China Post really loves the Pope, more than any other paper in Taiwan. There MUST be a connection here. Is the owner or chief editor a Catholic maybe? Then it’s his prerogative (spell check)…