The Post-Pelosi Chinese Aggression Thread


I have said before: the date they decide to attack is when they need it the most. It has nothing to do with Taiwan doing anything to upset them.

Right now, the clock is ticking because CCP needs a win. Between the awful management of the plague, the real estate and banking crisis and Xi getting old, time is running out.

A wounded animal is the most dangerous.

Moreover, we have many traitors inside Taiwan, who relish the opportunity either to make profit in chaos or make brownie points with the overlords. Taiwan will have to fight on two fronts when the shooting starts.


A good perspective on Pelosi’s visit. He thinks the winner of this visit is Russia.

Jack Dorsey posts “End the CCP” on Twitter


Meaningless. If there’s really a big war sometime in the future, I expect the elites to put their children in the front line together with the proles. At least Mao sent his son to Korea, and yes Mao’s son died in the front lines.

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Let me bring your thinking into the 21st century.

  • Drones
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Warfare

You forgot

Trade concessions

Food transfers

Freedom of movement through nautical choke points

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Graham rebuked the White House for trying to stymie the bill.

“It’s a miscalculation of how to keep the world in order. At every turn they take the weakest path,” Graham said. “If you put this on the floor of the Senate it would pass overwhelmingly.”

Turns out btw that the designation as a major non-NATO ally isn’t as big as it seems, because Taiwan has had same-as treatment since 2003

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And how about that war in Ukraine eh.

Real wars are fought with boots on the ground in the end. If wars are really fought they way you think it is, Taiwan is finished. The Chinese can build an infinite number of drones. They certainly have the factories.


This was a very good interview. I had never heard Hsiao Bi-Khim speak before. She is a very talented diplomat. Well worth watching.

Here’s another link to the main web site:





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Full video.


I always thought Pink Floyd was way overrated. While we’re getting the opinions of celebrities who haven’t done their reading, what does Kim Kardashian think?


Somebody should ask her. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, they shouldn’t. That was the point!

But now I’m curious dammit!

I’m sure she loves Thai food


Just googled it. She doesn’t appear to be on record expressing any views about Taiwan. I wonder if a Kim visit to Taiwan would piss off the CCP?

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