The Post-Pelosi Chinese Aggression Thread

If this eventually passes, China will definitely be mighty pissed. Between the US-TW military cooperation, the upgraded relations, renaming TECO to “Taiwan” (I forget if it’s in this bill actually?), etc

I can see why they’ve put it on hold til things calm a bit.

Just woke up from a vivid dream that I was teaching at my school when suddenly Chinese fighter jets and bombers started descending on my place of work like in ‘Red Dawn.’ :man_facepalming: Dreams are stupid, but still…


Yeah theres some like that. The greediest weakest ones.
But theres plenty of taiwanese that will fight including the military.
The chinese wont be getting anything for free. fuck them.


Chinese have been building up their military and presence and terrorities in rhe south china sea.

Dont be naive to blame it on others.

We have not seen a democratic state voluntarily surrenders without a fight in recent history. The state’s will to fight a defensive existential war on home soil against an annexation merely derives from the population’s will, this is especially true in a mature democratic state.

Consider a very strange example of the Battle of Kinmen Oct 1949, where you’d assume the fleeing KMT army had no will to fight and whoever’s on Kinmen island would be doomed, since they faced an overwhelming PLA force, correct? What happened was in 3 days PLA lost 10,000 on a tiny beach on tiny Kinmen. I’m not going to explain how and why, but the thing about war and peace is that it’s not linear.


I have no idea how your reply relates to what I said


I’ve addressed these points perfectly in another post in another thread, so I hate to repeat myself, but likely most posters hadn’t seen it, so here is a shorter version.

Yes, some inflation began before Biden mostly due to coronavirus lockdowns (production shut down) and years of accumulating low-interest rates (it was only raised to 3% under Trump, which I call half-hearted) and a lot was caused or exacerbated by Biden, such as green energy (shutting down our national capacity to make own fuel) and Russia sanctions obviously are backfiring big time. Even so, he’s in the helm and has the tools at his disposal to deal with it head on, and he stubbornly refuses to or is just simply ignorant.

In the 80s, Volcker raised interest rates to 21% with Reagan’s full support, while Reagan checked the money supply and we beat that inflation monster when it was 15 years in the making. Today, it’s 25 years in the making starting around 2004. We gotta deal with it in the USA and globally as well. Inflation is ultimately famine if we keep going down that path.

Clinton was forced to do the right thing economically. As I mentioned, Republicans shut down the government until Clinton bowed to their demands for balancing the budget…that means he had to reduce the national debt as you mentioned. Believe me, it wasn’t willingly, it wasn’t on his personal agenda. He had to be “persuaded” a lot.

Joe Biden is by no means in the middle. I don’t even think he’s really running things. On economics, he’s a disaster just as Carter was. He’s in a position to cure everything, and he’s not, because he thinks the laws of economics can be contorted and manipulated to fit his own Democrat agenda. American voters have been merciless to inflation presidents, including Nixon, which is why a small thing like Watergate toppled him over. Clinton kept a strong dollar, normal interest rates, which is why a very sensational affair like Lewinsky didn’t budge him a bit. Economics dominates because economics is ultimately about us the people and our commercial behavior, which is a significant expression of freedom. If government officials try to manipulate and control the economy (instead of cooperating with it), in essence, they’re controlling us the people and our behavior, the worst form of authoritarianism, and it doesn’t work.

Now that you mention it, it does remind me of a forumosan user’s old ID picture.

I wonder where that guy is now. :grin:


That’s not what happened to any of my HK friends. Their lives basically remain unchanged. I’d rather have that than war.


I’d rather break my arm than have it amputated. That doesn’t mean it’ll be pleasant. And even if Taiwan surrendered without a fight (which won’t happen), I don’t think CCP will treat us lightly as they did Hong Kong. They want revenge for all their lost face over 8 decades.

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From an American Football board:

In a dictatorship, your life will be unchanged until it changes. Until the government gets into your way, wants your house, does something to make it unsustainable for you or ruins your life. And then you really have no recourse.

You are just collateral damage in their quest for their interests and goals. If your interests don’t align with the government’s, then you don’t matter.

A great example is the English Education Industry in China. Wiped out overnight. Jobs gone. Lives ruined.

The banking crisis. Savings gone.



To be fair, that also happens when war breaks out. I just don’t see how a country of 23 million beats a country of 1.4 billion unfortunately. It sounds like a modern day Alamo. A glorious last stand maybe, but we know how that ended. We really need the US to just permanently park one of their aircraft carriers right dab in the middle of the strait on that median line and use that as a buffer. If that’s there, China would complain a lot but they wouldn’t dare any provocative activity.

Nobody is saying Taiwan needs to ‘beat’ China. We’re not invadng and ‘taking back the mainland’ We just need to at least defend ourselves until they give up.

But again, we have to fight for our livelihoods. It’s either this or get sent back to 1895 rules where monarchies and dictatorships played chess with our lives.

Remember. World War I was a bunch of kings angry at each other.

And the people paid the price.


Better yet, a giant NATO base on the island with F-35 servici g and nuclear sub docking.

Taiwan should offer to pay for most of it. They have the money and it would prevent war.


They won’t. Too much loss of face.

CCP needs to be deposed for that to happen and that would require an invasion of the Chinese homeland by US forces and allies. So next to zero chance.

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You don’t know that. It could be so expensive that the people depose the government by themselves cause everyone’s lost their job.

I forgot when the US invasion of the Soviet Union happened. When was that?


If they pour all their resources into the war and people starve, they CCP will be toppled.


US trade: $ billions, imports
2017: $505b (balance -$375b)
2018: $536b (balance -$416b)
skipping covid years
2021: $504b (balance -$353b)
2022 (through June): $272b (balance -$200b)
2022 (projected): $540b (balance -$400b)
(Source: U.S. Census Foreign Trade. Trade in Goods With China.)