The Post-Pelosi Chinese Aggression Thread

No, they shouldn’t. That was the point!

But now I’m curious dammit!

I’m sure she loves Thai food


Just googled it. She doesn’t appear to be on record expressing any views about Taiwan. I wonder if a Kim visit to Taiwan would piss off the CCP?

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Someone should send her a link to the asses thread, see if it piques any professional curiosity


The local asses could definitely use a few tips from her.

are folks forgetting they dont mind making people work for next to zero pay? the great famine, was Mau ousted?

if they go to war they will not have a regime change because of job loss lol.

Sometimes it seems like people are holding the CCP to the same standards as more ethical countries. This would prove to be a fatal mistake in a war…


She handled it quite well, especially considering that almost everything that the NPR PBS [apologies, and thanks to @TT for the correction] guy said seemed aggressively negative to me. I was kinda hoping for this kind of response from her (please be advised, I don’t think this is meant literally, and I don’t mean it literally):

By Google Translate:


While there is some truth to this, China today is used to a more comfortable life. We don’t know how a hot war would unfold alongside all of the other issues that will come along, and alongside other donestic problems. There have been protests, they just usually get stamped out pretty quickly and not reported widely. With the PLA enforcers busy elsewhere something could indeed happen. This is sort of worst case scenario thinking for the CCP, but entirely possible


Syd Barrett Floyd, yes.
Roger Waters Floyd, no.


PBS, waaaaaay better journalism. I used to watch the newshour almost daily. They put it on youtube after it airs live making it easy to skip the stories you aren’t interested in


Apologies for the mistake, and thanks for the correction.

But I still think Mr. Schifrin spent far too much time in what amounted to an attack mode. I couldn’t help but suspect a subtext in the rhetoric of his interview, something like, “You’re in danger now, aren’t you?” along with, “Look at all the trouble you’re causing us.” I could be reading too much into what he said, but those are the vibes I sensed coming from him.

The conclusion to be drawn from that sort of rhetoric is that while people may say they favor self-government and basic rights, nonetheless force is what really counts in the world, and that everything else is window-dressing. Maybe that will turn out to be true, but if it does turn out that way, I still prefer to fool myself into believing otherwise.

I want to say again that I think she handled that interview very well.

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mr. waters, please consider kissing the dark side of my *ss, thank you.


agreed. i used to listen to NPR but it’s gotten to be too much for me now. their politics podcast isn’t too bad. but yeah PBS has always been solid, hard-hitting, and as unbiased as can be found in the states in my experience.


I have just read on Washington post that China has announced new drills in Bohai and Yellow sea, but there’s no news on Taiwan newspapers websites.
I wonder why China is going to choose that location.

Are the current drills expected to end tonight?

A bit of nuance. Xi couldn’t prevent Pelosi’s visit, so put on a display for the commie choir.


I heard through Taiwanese friends who heard from news sources that China is going to extend their presence around the island for a while.


Compared to what or whom? I’ve seen Roger Waters thrice in the PF mode. Great band. :thinking:

Musicians that I enjoy. Music is very subjective :man_shrugging:

Makes sense, I think U2 is way overrated.

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