The Presidential Election Result - Part 2

Lien: It’s not fair!

How’s that for a high-class farewell? Actually it looked to me like he hadn’t bothered preparing the speech for if he lost.

So, anybody want to lay odds on whether these two will let somebody else carry the party banner(s) NEXT time?

Heh heh, Mrs. Lien is gonna get it tonight.


It’s going to make a good headline.
Makes Lien look like a spoilt child.

Call a spade a spade.

Give the guy a break. For most of his adult, he and his party were used to being able to deal with the opposition with a well-placed bullet. Now that they changed they way they do things from bullets to ballots, it’s hard for an old-school Taiwanese politician to adjust to these confusing new-fangled ways. He’s just an old man set in his ways. Have a little sympathy here, people. Old dogs have a tough time learning new tricks.

It’s a valid argument.
300000 invalid votes.
30000 difference in votes.
If it’s good enough for GW Bush
it’s ok ifor Lien. :wink:


[quote=“ski”]It’s a valid argument.
300000 invalid votes.
30000 difference in votes.
If it’s good enough for GW Bush
it’s ok ifor Lien. :wink:


Amen, right on.

Does he think there are more KMT than DPP invalidated votes? I guess he must.

And what would happen to Taiwan–and to international perception of Taiwan–if the Election Commission somehow reversed themselves and declared Lien / Soong the victors?

Realistically, what’s going to happen with his challenge? What’s the procedure here, and how long will it take?

BTW I live in a KMT neighborhood, and nobody’s rioting. (What, the old men don’t want to smash their own windows?) They’re just abstaining from fireworks.

200,000 or so, military personal had no way of getting to vote because of the heightened security alert that started as a result of the events of Friday afternoon.

So, many invalid votes.

Recount - a must
Re-election - a fair call
Will it change the results - who knows?

Personally I think Lien’s just having a big tantrum. He’d have a valid point if he was just “well, I reckon we need a recount. The result was way too close.” instead of “UNFAIR! The election was unfair!” He sounded more like he was saying “I’m taking my ball and going and telling my daddy on you!”

His “daddy” being the Mainland Government…hahaha :laughing:

“Hair come thar mizzles. Betta gah inzide, Bubba!” :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a rumor that Mrs. Lien actually voted for the Chen-Lu ticket as a joke.

I guess she will get a good beating tonight . . . . . . I have heard that Lien has a habit of beating up on his wife.

There’s no valid reason for a re-election. What was unfair? Where’s the proof? Conspiracy theories don’t count as proof, surprising though that may be. Convenient to wait until after the election to decide you thought it was going to be unfair no matter what.

Well, this should prove that the KMT had nothing to do with the assassination attempt. They’re saying it cost them the election, among other things. (And I don’t think they got their reputation by wounding people - they killed 'em.)

Pretty interesting the way Lien handled the concession speech. Well, at first we all thought it was. If you watch the tape closely, he was about to give one, then got heckled by some Soong people in the crowd. Then, you started to see him tense up and then the diarrhea just came out.

The staid public servant will go to his grave as a sore loser and a fool.

I agree… there is no way to prove that, sans shooting yesterday, Chen wouldn’t have still won, whether by the same or a different margin. It is so easy to say, now, after the fact, that it is all unfair. If Lien had won by the same margin, even with the invalid ballots, do you think he’d be complaining or bringing up the “questions” about the shooting? No!

Besides, if he thought the election was going to be swayed by the shooting, why didn’t he say something last night… ask for it to be postponed or at least make a protest or something.

By the way… what is with him jumping the gun and making his speech before the official results were in – i.e., from what I understand the election commission hadn’t made the official announcement yet. Is it just me, or does that seem a bit… well… hinky?

I don’t think it proves anything. If the KMT thought there was any chance that they would lose, they could have orchestrated it all to have an excuse to contest the results.

That is: If we win… we will say it is the will of the people, etc… etc… ad naseum. But, if we lose, we can always blame it on the assassination. Like I said in the post above (that I was writing while you were posting), it seems odd to me that he never complained about the possible impact of the shooting till after he lost and that he made his speech before the official results were in.

I realize that often candidates will concede the race when it looks like they are going to lose. But, one, if the race is this close and, two, if you think an “unplanned” event had an impact on the results, then why concede before you have to – i.e., the official result is announced. Besides, Lien didn’t concede did he.

One thing I “enjoyed” was him calling for calm and rational behavior, then whipping the crowd into a frenzy (as much as that man can whip up any emotions) by saying they’d contest it, complain, call for it to be invalid, etc…

I already predicted this yesterday. Lien has to push the blame over to someone else. Someone has to take responsibility right? So he says it is unfair. How can he compete with the sympathy vote? Now he can continue his political carrer and blame it all on that gunshot wound of CSB. He needs to accept responsibility. He needs to show some of that style that he says the DPP didn’t have. He needs to set an example. He needs to retire.

I saw him freak out on TV. Is that what you call losing face? Goodbye, political career. Good riddance.

I Live in a very small town full of old people who haven’t received much education, same as my dad. I went to see the election and found that many votes are invaild coz people stamped on the number instead of the vaild area. Among the invalid votes, 1 invalid is for Lien, and 34 acutally are voted for Chen. We have 458 votes in total. I think the election commission should tell people that only the empty area is the long vaild area before they vote. Some of votes are invaild coz my lovely nebors stamped on the candidate’s face for their direct expression… if Lien wants to question those invaild votes, acutally that isn’t good for him, since most of his supporters don’t make that mistake…but Chen’s does. In my opinion, if lien loves Taiwan, of course he can request recount the votes by law, but he shouldn’t make people hate each other, screaming on the street over night for him, that is very selfish.