The Quran: First Impressions

Yeah like 40 years ago.

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That’s interesting.

Shia are cool.

I’ll accept your thesis that Jews and Christians were in Arabia during Muhammad’s time.

I’d have to disagree with your assertion that a common proto-language ensures common myth transmission. Pre-Islamic Arabia was pagan, and the myths in the Bible are henotheistic and monotheistic. The Hebrew Bible doesn’t interact with Arabic at all; it does with Ugaritic, Aramaic, and Akkadian, the last of which is more distant from Hebrew than Arabic. There are Ugaritic myths that are almost word-for-word identical with the Bible, and part of the Old Testament is written in Aramaic. Akkadian is relevant because Assyria and Babylonia were dominant powers.

Yes but modern Muslims wouldn’t.

Yeah, but before the Jewish decided on the one single god thing, they also worshiped holy cow in their temple. It’s not like they were always Monotheistic.

That I agree. After all, their land were conquered and ruled by these people.

A lot of the blind leading the blind on this thread, i just check in for the lols

Lol, very generous of you!

What parts have you found particuarly funny?

Lol, how about this post of yours? Because the only thing between this and the post of mine you are replying to is an answer to your question!

Are you like the Princess Bride guy?

Let me think about it…


As you wish?

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Are you talking the golden calf? That was condemned by the Bible.

Canaanite religion predates the Bible by at least 3,000 years, and they already had a God that was more dominant than all the other ones (El). The Israelites and Canaanites worshipped the same chief God, that’s why the Bible never bashes him.

Older Israelite religion was henotheistic but if they were ever polytheistic then that means one polytheistic tribe joined with an already henotheistic one.

Scholars don’t agree when Israel became monotheistic. Some say they got it from the Egyptians (Akenaten).

Lucky to have such levels of intellect among us

Judging from the bible and the evidence you’ve mentioned, early Jewish people weren’t afraid of absorbing ideas from other cultures, and internalizing them. Noah, the flood, and Satan are great examples.