The real basket of deplorables.


To be fair, no one wants to see her naked.

The grotesque caricature of the Democratic candidate appeared outside the Bowling Green station during morning rush hour on Tuesday and shows Clinton with hoofed feet and a Wall Street banker resting his head on her bare breasts.

The statue was up for less than three hours before an enraged woman toppled it over and started yelling at the statue’s creator.[/quote]

John Ashcroft unavailable for comment.


Thug culture in Weimar America:


I don’t know how things work in America, i admit, never been there, but in my capacity as lawmaker in Taidong, i did have the opportunity to visit Australia on a ‘Research Tour’. On that tour we happened to visit a few bars, and i can report that anyone deliberately wandering into a paticular cultural environment with the goal of inciting conflict (or even if you’re just a gormless idiot and don’t know) you’re eventually gonna get your head punched in

Doesn’t matter if it’s a gay bar or a meeting of the Patriotic Front - you better know how to fight if you’re bent on pulling a stunt like that



I don’t know if Trump has actually gained in the polls or not. I suspect that most people made up their minds a while ago. What I do think is happening is that the attempt by the lying and dying media to gaslight people into giving up hope so that voter turnout for Trump wasn’t working. Late in the election, the pollsters had to get serious because if they predicted +10 Hillary and it turned out to be considerably closer (or clutch the pearls Trump even won) then they would be laughed out of town and no one would want to use their services again. So, they had to start telling the truth…kind of.



We were told so confidently by certain commenters here that Republicans were the dangerous ones who liked rioting and violence. Are you telling me that they’ve had this around the wrong way the whole time? I’m horrified.


Teargas in Oakland? Must be Thursday.

Oh, and there was a beatdown in Chicago, but that’s been posted elsewhere. Also, it’s considered racist to hold dark skinned people accountable for violence against those of paler visage.

We can chaaaaange a face
Rearraaaaaange a face



Liberals are horrible, horrible people.


I’m wondering how the attackers felt about gun control…

[quote]Walker, 25, said the alleged shooter uttered something disrespectful to her as she went back into the bar, angering Mormon, 32, who confronted the man and began arguing with him. Walker said Mormon jokingly told the man he voted for Trump.

The argument continued and the alleged shooter — identified by Walker as a Hispanic man wearing a white coat — went around a corner, came back with a gun and opened fire.[/quote]


Inauguration riots and vandalism:


I blame all the violent rhetoric.

Give Il Douche credit, for he was right about one thing: we do have a problem with domestic terrorists.

Got to shut down these hate groups. Round up the Bernie bros!

Oh, and…

By the way, the evidence of Scalise being a racist is thin at best. The evidence of left wingers being violent and dangerous hate monsters is quite compelling.


A second US Civil War?

I’m not all that impressed with ANTIFA. This looks like a replay of the sixties, but not the eighteen-sixties.

Yes, they’re violent extremists. But they don’t have what it takes to pull off a forceful overthrow of the government. It’s more of an extreme form of acting out. These are mostly entitled white assholes with way too much self esteem for their own good, and delusions of Bolshevism. Shoot a few, throw the rest in prison, and it’ll be over. At least for another fifty years or so.

Now the Trumpistas… if you want to compare them to the Confederates, you’re on firmer ground. Or if you dare, to the American Revolutionaries.


Left-wing violence has become a serious issue in the US. The right needs to organise themselves to combat this threat.


Was talking with some Democrat-leaning friends of mine, including some with military experience. They admitted that Republicans shoot way better.

It may simply be that they’re less conflicted about guns. Hypocrisy throws off your aim.

A second Civil War? It’s going to be a short one.


Wow that vid is totally shocking.

Can blame Putin perhaps?


It was clearly Putin. Salon, CNN and Buzzfeed will find 10 reasons why Putin was behind it. Number 8 will shock you, click here to know more, what happens next is amazing,


NEWS FLASH: Reliable sources now indicate that Putin PERSONALLY ordered those people to attack that Trump supporter. All to undermine that shining light of Democracy.

A full investigation has been initiated. Expected this to be in the news every day and to take 3+ years to conclude.


They buried the lede: a Trump hater killed a Republican politician.