The real basket of deplorables.



"There is a terror organization made mostly of millennials, " :runaway:

Ad #1 is a nice counterpoint :yin_yang:


Are you implying that antifa members are fruitcakes? C’mon, this is a group of idealistic young millennials with an eloquent. charismatic spokesman.


No, but when a revolution is beckoning, you have to admit there’s nothing like a nice slice of fruitcake. Marie Antoinette would have approved.


Also on the plus side, fruitcake can actually be used as a weapon. Why punch a Nazi when you can bash his head in with a fruitcake?


They say Hitler loved fruitcake.


You do know that’s been debunked, right? :cake:

@Dr_Milker sorry, who?


The guy’s a spokes-giraffe for antifa.


I’ve seen him on Tucker Carlson, and we know that Tucker always invites the brightest opponents on his show!


No need for his neck to be stretched. It comes pre-stretched.


Occutards are still swine…


perhaps they should ship their poop-shit to San Fran


Jar Jar joins the dark side…

People I know in the public school racket tell me the Jar Jar teachers are the bottom of the barrel. In theory, they’re supposed to have, uh, special qualifications. In practice, they tend to get there by being reassigned.

(There are reasons why qualified Jar Jar teachers are scarce, but let’s not go into that.)


I know there’s a bunch of these types of videos out there but I couldn’t help but share this one. Probably the most cringe-worthy I’ve seen so far.

I’m actually pro-choice at the moment but WTFFFF

She wasn’t even doing anything. She was talking.


Is that Sacha Baron Cohen?


if that is the video from Canada, then it went viral a few days ago. He got fired from his hairdresser job.
Unfortunately, his former employer(s) got thrown into the mess and been receiving all kinds of internet harassment/attacks.


Oh my. Gay stereotypes.


sorry. my bad… hairstylist


What a dumb dumb