The Real "Surge"

This was the real “surge” in Iraq – the ability, which came online this year, to isolate, tag, track and target the bad guys from a distance to the point where they had nowhere to hide.

Is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad next?

If you live anywhere above ground on earth now and Big Bro wants you dead it has the ability to see or sniff you out from afar and you’re dead.

They copied it from the evil Capt. Kirk.
I heard Bob Woodward saying something about that, but he said he wouldn’t go into details.

[quote=“The Giant Rat of Sumatra”]“A power so great that it can only be used for good or evil.”
“And that choice has been left up to me.”
“Well, here’s hoping you don’t forget your promise.”
“Uh, what promise?”[/quote]

I’ve always liked the idea of Rods from God for getting rid of people like Saddam or Ahmadinejad or their weapons. … a.t-9.html

[quote]In an age of rogue regimes and pre-emptive war, states developing clandestine nuclear programs know better than to leave them in plain sight. Anxious to ward off an American or Israeli attack, Iran, for example, appears to have buried its uranium-enrichment halls under 30 feet of earth and concrete. No doubt, canny proliferators will soon dig even deeper and better-armored holes.

But if they dig deeper, we can always go higher: hence the call for the “Rods From God.” More properly known as hypervelocity rod bundles, these weapons would simply be slender solid tungsten cylinders, 20 or 30 feet long and one or two feet in diameter. The rods would be sent into space and fired from satellites at bunkers on the ground, which they would hit at speeds of more than 10,000 feet per second, penetrating deep into the earth without any explosives. The idea is far from new. Jerry Pournelle, a science-fiction writer and space-weapons expert, conceived it while working for Boeing in the late 1950s; he called the weapon Thor, and as he explained in an interview, “People periodically rediscover it.”[/quote]