The regular rice in Taiwan- boring and sticky or great?

How much do you like the average short-grain, sticky rice that you get in most cheap to middle-range eating places?

  • 1- very much; I prefer it to other varieties
  • 2- pretty good although another variety makes a nice change now & again
  • 3- OK once in a while but gets boring every day
  • 4- not good. Tasteless, too sticky or other negative opinion

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What do you think of the regular Taiwanese rice? I used to eat rice nearly every day in the UK, but I’d cook my own basmati or other long-grain. It was cooked right through but still a little bit chewy. Each grain was separate, and it actually tasted of something.

I find the average Taiwanese rice to be boring, without texture or taste. It would be OK from time to time but everyday is too much. Unfortunately I’m too lazy or busy and haven’t got it together to regularly cook my own yet. My vote’s for option 3.

On the other hand, a couple of Taiwanese friends have told me that they prefer it to basmati or other varieties.

Taiwanese rice rocks (and wriggles a bit, too, if you don’t wash it well). But we do go out of our way to buy it here in the US. I think it has the perfect taste and texture to complement most of the Chinese dishes we have. Now with other ethnic foods I might prefer a different rice.


Used to hate it until we started getting a regular supply of “fresh” rice – rice that hasn’t spent time in a warehouse – from pa-in-law’s paddy. There’s a world of difference. If we buy rice these days, its usually either Thai or Australian. I wish there was reasonably priced basmati available here, though.