The Reliable News: A list


I'm thinking it would be nice/interesting if we could come up with an acceptable list of news sources that we all could essentially agree upon.

Here are a few I've been using recently: ... index.html


Ok, seriously, my 2 fav. news sources are Drudge Report and The Smoking Gun.


What criteria do you have in mind?

Here's a list of what I might scan on a typical day. What qualifies?

Public Broadcasters/ news orgs

Newspapers/ journalists
Toronto Star, Jim Travers
Robert Fisk

Magazines & Journals

In depth

Filters/ blogs/movements (good only as a filter, imo)


Something that all flavors in this forum will normally accept.

Note that I did not post Powerline (whic I think is great, but is very conservative) or Little Green Footballs links.


yeah, you mentioned Powerline before. I should check that out. Weeding out any media with any bias won't leave much. I'm happy enough with informative and honest (about the news, and the bias). Sojourners, for example, is heavily biased, being both liberal and evangelical. But, for all that, it's a valuable perspective. I'll think more on it. Be interested in seeing what else people are reading. I'm also getting a lot of info from podcasts lately.


Arts & Letters Daily has been my homepage since my very first internet connection. It has a superb list of links to newspapers, magazines and websites, and they also gather up links and a brief review of Articles of Note, Book Reviews and Essay & Opinion.

From the wiki:

Agree wholeheartedly - well, except for that snob factor comment on the Drudge Report, which mind you I don't think I've seen. Hmm, and maybe about the liberal bias. There's something for everyone in there.



I smell a sticky. :slight_smile:


good idea for a thread....

As objectively as I can, I nominate:
Juan Cole is controversial, but is acknowledged to be one of the foremost experts on Middle-Eastern affairs...
The BBC continues to offer a wide range of coverage on international issues...
CounterPunch seems to hold that nothing is sacred...which offends me at times. But I enjoy the muckraking essays that are posted there...

Thats it for now...after looking at my "bookmarks" I see quite a few of the URLs that have been posted here already! :sunglasses:


I read Juan Cole every day, but he is hardly someone that everyone would agree as 'objective'


"I do not think that word means what you think it means" :wink:


My homepage is which is a pretty good resource.

Many of the links off Drudge <-- a bit leftist for btwn the lines sometimes.

And a host of others as the subject requires.
I don't depend on other people to tell me how to think.


Very Anglo-American-centric list above:






North Korean






A continuous town meeting and intellectual and activist service center for large sectors of the progressive community.

About This site is excellent.....I can read translated editorials from all around the world.......great if you're interested in what others think.....

[i]WatchingAmerica reflects global opinion about the United States, helping Americans and non-Americans alike understand what the world thinks of current issues that involve the U.S. This is done by providing news and views about the United States published in other countries.

It is not our purpose to find favorable or unfavorable content, but to reflect as accurately as possible how others perceive the richest and most powerful country in the world. We have no political agenda.

WatchingAmerica makes available in English articles written about the U.S. by foreigners, often for foreign audiences, and often in other languages. Since WatchingAmerica offers its own translations, regular users of our site will enjoy articles not available in English anywhere else. We are a unique window into world opinion. [/i]

More info:

#12 I read the Awful Truth section

What can I say :idunno: I'm a gossip lover in the mist of the world destroying itself. :slight_smile:


? what ? :s Perhaps you misunderstand the any case, I stand by my nominations.


My daily reading:


The Daily Telegraph

International Herald Tribune

Jerusalem Post

Globe and Mail

Calgary Sun

Kamloops Daily News

Sydney Morning Herald

Singapore Straits Times


National Review


US News and World Report

Western Report

New Yorker


Angry in the Great White North

Small Dead Animals

Little Green Footballs


Sorry, that's a quote from "The Princess Bride"; it's become a catch-phrase.

jdsmith started this by wondering if we could find a set of news sources we could all agree upon to treat as reliable; that "all flavors will accept", and pointed out that he didn't list Powerline or LGF.

Seems most people are just posting their favourites.

We've got Juan Cole, the American Spectator, CounterPunch, Matt Drudge, Harpers, Monbiot....

I'm alternating left, right, left, right...

The Telegraph, The Independent, The Jerusalem Post, The NYTimes...


All flavors will accept is a pretty difficult if not impossible standard – perceptions of “reliability” are often contingent upon one’s own political predilections in the first place, to say nothing of geographical preferences that might not appeal to a wider international community. That said, here are some of my favorites sources for reliable (predominantly but not exclusively American) news...

Media Matters
Editor & Publisher
The Raw Story
My Left Wing
Daily Kos
Air America Radio
Crooks and Liars


Well, I have reading the Drudge Report, and find it quite good and broad.

but STG the DAILY KOS!!!?? For reliable news? To even things out, I offer Little Green Footballs.


As you know, Drudge is, for the most part, mere a link site to stories appearing on a very wide range of source sites. He pretty much covers the gamut of the political spectrum.
His own reports, which are mostly breaking news where he gets the 1st tips, are clearly shown as his. These usually wind up being covered later by a better known media.

I think its good for folks to show where their sourcing for their "news" and opinion decisions.

When I see links like:
My Left Wing
Daily Kos
Air America Radio
Crooks and Liars
Robert Fisk
etc., it helps to understand the process behind a lot of the posts I see.
And the same go's for my sourcing. Folks can more easily grasp where the basis for many of my comments come from.
Left, right, center or off-the- wall - the internet allows each of us to find support for whatever we decide to believe. Or not believe. Or refuse to acknowlege belief in.



That's why I was hoping to get a list we could all agree on.

FAIR and factcheck are very good IMHO, but Factcheck can be slow on the news...I guess they're doing research...


I might’ve been instigating just a bit, but would you say everyone agrees everything posted to that point is a reliable news source? What’s the standard for “reliable” and what constitutes “news”? As I said, “reliability” is a pretty nebulous concept – can often simply mean “gels with one’s perspective.” And though we tend to take the word “news” for granted, it could do with some unpacking too. Is it really “just the facts” - and is that even possible given that news organizations can be pretty fast and loose with which “facts” they choose to cover in the first place? Should news include blogs? More and more media organizations either have their own staff bloggers or routinely cite blogs. Does news include analysis and opinion? Interpretation is inevitably built into both – just look at the same local news story as reported by the China Post and Taipei Times for a quick example (and ponder further on the difference between a blogger and a journalist). I’m sure I don’t need to detail all the criticisms leveled at Drudge and FAIR and The New York Times and, if you dig deep enough, virtually every “news” outlet out there. I’m not trying to take this thread off topic, but rather explore what it means in the first place - especially in light of the breadth of what’s been posted so far.

Agreed, though what we consider “off the wall” may well be at odds. :smiley: Also highlights the fact that with the net, sources for “reliable news” are far more plentiful and diverse than ever before. I’m thinking Google News and its “all 5,000 related” links.