The Reliable News: A list


We'll never be able to agree on a list.

My Left Wing? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Two sites that I find informative are

I think both are matter of fact and worthwhile reading. On atimes, I especially enjoy Lawerence Eyton's articles on Taiwan politics (not much lately) and Tom Englehart's contributions on geopolitics. A few recent articles on atimes: Hedge funds: playing dice with the universe and Tom Englehart's Bushs faith and the middle east inflame and The Destablization Game

Financialsense is exceptionally good covering geopolitics. I find F. William Engdahl's articles on oil pipeline's especially interesting. I also find article's on finance such as m1/m2/m3 money supplies, hedge funds, yen carry trade, the FED, debt, T-bills, china market #'s, etc. very interesting. (JR Nyquest, Richard Benson, Marc Farber, Alex Merck, Jim Willie and many others stand out).


I realize this is IP and all, but it’s interesting that so far nothing local has been listed as “reliable news.” I for one am always intrigued at how international politics is represented (or not) locally. I know I’ll get slammed for the left-leaning bias of this one (not to mention its sister English paper), but I tend to read 自由時報 more often than any other local paper. Occasionally, though, I also go to Yahoo 新聞 or Google 新聞 台灣版 and follow the links.


I left this one out earlier. It's good to check what isn't news, as well: Project Censored.


For issues relating to War and Peace read: The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

For issues relating to finance read: The Wall Street Journal.

For issues relating to international politics read: The Economist

For social commentary read: The New Yorker and Salon

For fun in social commentary read: The Onion

For intelligent listening listen to: Fresh Air on NPR

For issues relating to Aussie Rules Football read: The Sun Herald

For the most part: Take it easy.


This thread may not give us impartial new outlet, but it has turned out to be very valuable for news hounds. Thanks jwcampbell for the Iraq news link. I have thought about looking for English news in Iraq, but never took the time. Some of these other local perspectives help gain a better more specific understanding of world events. We can get reports like the one saying more than 400 doctors have been kidnapped in Iraq -- something you may not learn about in a CNN report. Now, how did we survive before the Internet?
I get much of my information from podcasts. Here is an article about a Taiwanese-American songbird still looking for link


I've come late to the thread, so a number of my favorites have already been mentioned here. Two gleanings I'd like to share are PINR, which claims to present objective analysis of the strategic interests behind military, economic and political actions around the globe. I'd be quite interested to hear other's opinions on how accurate their claim is.

WBUR Boston produces a show called On Point. This week Newt Gingrich came on the show to plug his new book, and I felt that the host treated him fairly, and that he acquitted himself quite well. Even though public radio is traditionally left, what transpired actually sounded like a dialogue: A refreshing change from the IP forum.


Salvatore -
Thanks for that heads-up.

I'm going to spend some time on there.


Add mine- it look a good one


I just followed a link to this. A real gem, I daresay.


This looks to be a very good resource on issues of politics and the press, if not for finding 'objective' coverage.

PBS--Disconnected: Politics, the Press, and the Public


One that I find very interesting is

It's a links web site (that is, links to other web sites - doesn't write any news stories of its own). It is not unbiased - definitely anti-Bush.

I really like, which is about peak oil but has a huge number of comments by petroleum engineers and others who know what they are talking about. A lot of topics get discussed, and it's not an especially biased site (though individual posters undoubtedly have their own biases).


2 more:

No introduction needed

Good directory of news sources

Just my 2 cents


Let’s not forget Fred Smith’s daily news source…

Ever ask yourself WHY you’ve never heard of it? Sure, its a money losing operation, run by the moonies, masquerading as if it were a legitimate news source, but it’s right up there with…

Back to Godhead

Scientology Today



I’ve switched my “home/start-up” page over to

from Google News. Its a no-frills link to current stories. Different categories are available -

As shown, I use the “World” news category for a starting pint. Seems efficient.


You tell me how reliable a news source it is.

And how reliable does that make Fred Smith, who reads it and quotes from it daily?


Toe Tag:

So you will have no problem then showing which stories the Washington Times has printed that were false or based on unsubstantiated information. Remember sort of like what happened with CBS News, NY Times and Washington Post. IF you think that the Washington Times is printing information that is false or incorrect, please supply evidence otherwise, I am going to link your quote to the feedback section of the Washington Times editorial site and have them contact you directly regarding libel and slander and allow them to take the decision as to what might constitute appropriate action. Want to put your money where your mouth is? So either put up or shut up, but one more comment from you and the link is going to be sent off.


New York Times did you say?

[url=]‘NYT’ Corrects Controversial Woman-Jailed-for-Abortion Story
By E&P Staff

NEW YORK After receiving much criticism, including some last week from its own public editor, Byron Calame, The New York Times finally ran a correction/editors’ note today, regarding its Sunday magazine article last April that featured a woman who had been sent to jail for an abortion.
The article was by Jack Hitt, a contributing writer for the magazine.

"The Times should have obtained the text of the ruling of the three-judge panel before the article was published, but did not vigorously pursue the document until details of the ruling were brought to the attention of editors in late November.
A picture caption with the article also misstated the facts of the ruling. Ms. Climaco was sentenced to 30 years in prison for a case that was initially thought to be an abortion but was later ruled to be a homicide; she was not given 30 years in prison for an abortion that was ruled a homicide.
Ms. Climaco is now preparing to appeal her conviction. The Times is continuing to investigate the case.[/url]

“all the news that fits what we want you to believe”


Epoch Times.

anything that (metaphorically) pokes china in the eye with a sharp stick has to be good.