The Resurrection Fact or Fiction?

The resurrection is undoubtedly the back bone of Christian belief and the Christian message. Either metaphorically or literally. Did it actually happen ? If not then what happened to the body of Jesus Christ

Dominic Crossan says it was probably eaten by dogs.

Well…if it’s taken metaphorically then it’s not really important whether it actually happened!

Some Christians interpret certain stories in the bible metaphorically, but most of them believe that Jesus’s miracles were real.

Some of the bible’s content was added by church scribes at a later date and not in the original. There are bibles available that have notes added to point out versus that were added by the church rather than the word of his disciples, for example
Mark 16:18
“They will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”
That is not in the original Gospel.

I don’t know much about the various biblical texts but I think it’s a bit silly to use scientific methods on something like religion. Science and religion just aren’t compatible. Doesn’t the mystery of faith call upon believers simply to have faith in something that is mysterious and wholly unbelievable?

But here’s an interesting note on semantics as found in the wiki mentioned above:

Barnes’ Notes on the Bible identifies the word “the faith” in this context with “the gospel”, a view with which Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible agrees, as does the People’s New Testament, while Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible remarks that one manuscripts gives, in place of “the faith”, "the resurrection of the dead, which is one of the greatest mysteries of the faith.[5] Floyd H. Barackman says that in this passage “the faith” refers to the whole of the New Testament.[6]

If something is wholly unbelievable then no one would believe it.

It’s all just metaphor, smoke and mirrors.

You might be interested in the “minimal facts” argument promoted by Gary Habermas. These guys go over it a bit here

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Where is Robin Hood’s body? Or King Arthur’s?

If the body of Jesus been throw to the dogs there probably would have been at least some witnesses. The Roman authorities and the Jewish leadership would likely have stated this to discredit the account of Jesus’ resurrection to prevent the news of such a miraculous account from spreading, but they didn’t. Although I agree that theory cannot be totally discounted as well as being partly eaten by birds although I don’t buy it. Jesus was also well connected and there are witnesses who support the view that he was placed in a tomb in a non Jewish cemetary.

Or Jimmy Hoffa’s, for that matter?

You’d think a miracle is by definition impossible, but thousands of people still believe in them and pray for them to occur in their own lives.

Mainly because they’re desperate people who have no one to turn to. I’d like Fulham to win the EPL but it’s a miracle I don’t expect to happen in my lifetime. :sunglasses:

People tend to confuse themselves however by mistaking the occurrence of unlikely events with actual miracles. Winning the lottery isn’t a miracle, feeding 1000 people with one fish and a loaf of bread is. The latter is also impossible and is pure metaphor for the alleged beneficence of God.

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First of all it’s questionable what witnesses there were at all. We only have anonymous accounts written years after the fact, and they differ. It’s known that the Romans let crucifixion victims rot on the cross as a rule and eventually be buried in a mass grave. The Romans and Jewish authorities aren’t known to have made any mention of Jesus, so there’s no reason to think they would have taken the kind of action you describe above.

Matthew records the exact location of Jesus’ tomb. He states, “And Joseph of Arimathea took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth and laid it in his own new tomb” Mark asserts that Joseph was *“a prominent member of the Council” ([Mark 15:43]
I’ll have to check later if that was in fact in the original, but need to go to work now ! I will also listen to your link you put up I’m about half way into the radio show.

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As I said, anonymous accounts written years after the fact.

Was there no CCTV footage then? You’d think the crucifixion grounds would have CCTV installed no?

Do angels count as witnesses?

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Hell, we know where Elvis is buried, and people STILL see him walking around.

C’mon, man. That’s stretching things a little. It’s not like the Romans were running a police state over there.

It’s understandable that there would have been some confusion, what with the sun turning to darkness and the temple veil ripping and miscellaneous dead people coming out of their graves and all (as in the Matthean account).