The Resurrection Fact or Fiction?

It’s a weird “God” who wants you to believe things without good reason.

well, that’s okay if eternal life in heaven is not enough of a reason for you, but for many others it is. God has many WIPs on :earth_africa:

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So it’s believe this, there’s no good reason, but I’ll give you eternal life if you do. Sounds legit :slight_smile:

Is being effective for a person in improving their life a good reason to follow it?

That’s a standard god, isn’t it? Or at least a standard religion.

There might be a lot of reasons why belief in religion is a good thing, but I’m making a narrow argument about the truth of these claims about God.

That doesn’t make it any less weird :slight_smile:

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Right so I was giving you a reason not proving God was the true cause of the effect. I answered your question on a reason did I not?

We don’t fall off the Earth because really big things have an invisible attraction to small things.

No there is a force which we call THE LAW OF GRAVITY

Well, I was talking about the famous assertion Jesus made about faith to Thomas. cTaitung made another point which I think does not get to the heart of the problem. Now you’re raising another point. Is it possible that indeed there is a problem with what Jesus said there?

Now you’ve lost me! Are you saying that’s also “weird”?

Who would want a god so petty?
Some righteous guy that dedicates his life to others but never received the word of god is doomed to hell. Sounds nice.

OK, gravity can be observed in a way gods and religious beliefs can’t be. It’s still requires a leap of faith, as it were, to believe in gravity.

Yes, but any form of spirituality would do.

Some would look at how gravity works with all the natural laws in the universe and see God. If gravity was a tiny bit stronger or weaker, things would be very different.

If you look at a billboard too closely, you might not see the message.


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Yes, that was my point about gravity being A LAW. I was pleased God lead him to mention Gravity.

Yes, agree, some forms of spirituality can help and some can harm. Those that help is a reason to follow not proof they are real , yes agreed.

Wow, I can’t say I’m following you. As you note, gravity is easily demonstrated as a physical fact. Not believing in it would be quite difficult. And as far as I know, it’s unexplained, so there doesn’t seem to be anything to believe in there.

Can you tell me the exact force of gravity , the number that is proven to be by multiple replicated experiments ?