The Retarded News - a facepalm


You mock with a certain panache. I admire that.


Because they’re doing such a great job:


I would admire you too, if only you would use your powers for good instead of evil. :idunno:

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Every villain is the hero of his own story. But… never judge good or evil until the results are in.


Emily Litella has the scoop…

Malfunction. Yeah. That’s the ticket.


Journalists are whores, but we all knew that. What happens next is retarded…


Some people do very well making it up as they go along. Some people don’t.


Like Dan Rather in an elevator.


I can only conclude that Friedman is a closet Trump supporter. The media has been working together to hurt Trump ever since he announced his run for office, and it only seems to be making him stronger.


It’s not just some numbskull in Albany. And they really mean it:

In unrelated news, more than 300 newspapers have recently proven the collusion part of Trump’s complaints against the media.

Erich Fromm’s two freedoms comes to mind.


But I bet she knew were her smartphone was…


The news is what they used to call “slow”


Nice strategy!


Resurrecting my old posts you mean? :joy: This is retarded :wink:


And mine. This is the third time for that article. :hushed:


I guess it happens because we posted so much here :cry:


No problem as far as I’m concerned. I have a really bad memory.

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I think @finley’s explanation is the correct one.