The Revenge of Trump Thread

Don’t forget free money. Vote in person and get a welfare check.

Vote at school and get your kid back, or do it before school and you’re allowed tod rop him or her or them off. QPQ.

No paper trail, no means to audit, no observers involved, such as poll watchers. It’s incredibly dangerous, and very prone to malicious cyber attacks. In Wisconsin, drop boxes were very contentious, as there was no way to have the process observed, such as with main-in ballots. And thus the center-stage for 2000 Mules. We get to observe it on video, only after the fact.

You could enter your Social Security number and password a week after you voted and verify whom you voted for. With the current paper-based system how do you really know your ballot didn’t end up in a dumpster somewhere?

You haven’t been to any rallies recently have you?

Easy…show up to vote. (And make sure poll watchers are able to do their job of observing.) But what good is it to verify that your vote didn’t register because of malicious cyberattack. Who’s gonna fix it then? Either way, you’re toast.

I was confused by the video. I haven’t been watching the Jan 6 hearings but I thought the whole point of holding them was to find evidence of criminal activity by Donald Trump that would put him behind bars finally. It appears though that all they’re doing is proving that there’s zero evidence Democrats stole the 2020 election, something reasonable people realized long ago. I expected the video to confront Trumpers with a laundry list of juicy evidence of criminal activity by Trump that even they couldn’t deny.

If the whole point is just to prove to Trumpers that Democrats didn’t steal the 2020 election then it’s a complete waste of time. Trumpers will never admit Democracts didn’t steal the 2020 election any more than their counterparts on the left will admit Russians didn’t steal the 2016 election or try to steal the 2020 election by planting a fake Hunter Biden laptop.

The hearings had abysmal ratings. Most of the news networks get anywhere from 18 to 20 million viewers, the hearings only got 11 million. Mostly hard-core Democrat types.

As for “proving” that Democrats didn’t steal the election, I hardly think that putting Barr up there does that. They’re questioning him to find wrongdoing about Trump, and Barr is just distancing himself from Trump.

Is there any proof?

Is there proof the elections were conducted fairly.

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