The Revenge of Trump Thread

Not to mention that golf happy buddy of Putin who used the presidency to funnel money into his hotels…

Looks like somebody who posts under the name Catturd2 might be running for congress, just the idea it would offend the establishment types like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell makes me smile. :sweat_smile:

A glimpse into an unhinged Trump second term?

We reached that point in the conversation where he looked frankly at [Joint Chiefs of Staff] Gen. [Mark] Milley and said, ‘Can’t you just shoot them, just shoot them in the legs or something?’ … It was a suggestion and a formal question.

Launching missiles into Mexico :crazy_face:

Esper waited this long to expose this - all for a few bucks. The company you keep…

Interesting insight into progressive fever dreams… :sweat_smile: