The right not to appear on TV

What are our rights concerning television broadcasts?

When, if ever, does a TV station need a signed waiver or some other permission from the person filmed before images of that person can be shown on television?

That’s a very interesting question. I’m shocked by the way the TV camera is allowed to prod and poke into every facet of society here. Then again, privacy doesn’t appear to be highly prized here, so is it any wonder?

Yes, I’d like to know too.

Why do TV news broadcasters think that it is okay to link ordinary footage of Western women shopping to a story about Russian prostitutes?

Yeah, that’s mainly the reason I decided to get out of the TV business after too many bad experiences as a cameraman at TVBS. They kept wanting me to shove the lens into traumatized people’s faces and the like. I just couldn’t do it anymore.

That said, I am guilty of filming random foreigners for a short film I did, but hopefully no-one will get upset about appearing in it incidentally (not you, Maoman and Khandn). Even though some of the reviewers on called me a racist, I’d like to think that they meant it in a good way.

[quote=“cranky laowai”]What are our rights concerning television broadcasts?

When, if ever, does a TV station need a signed waiver or some other permission from the person filmed before images of that person can be shown on television?[/quote]

Great question. Richard? Kevin? Anybody? Any legal guidance here?


As a bow to political correctness I edited the whole comment out. I will make a note to keep my real thoughts about the dear locals to myself in the future and only post “positive, politcally correct” things here.
Which means I won’t be posting much.

take care.

Do us and yourself a favour mate and edit that out.

(He did.)

time for a holiday, Brian… I too sometimes suffer from the effects of prolonged culture shock… I’d say about ten days on the beach in Thailand, or two months cycling around India would do you…

(Juba, I pray you didn’t see my crazy “opinion” post, and it was fun meeting you the other day at the party… I am still tracking Sandman, and my hitman just called me up and says that if I’m willing to cough up an extra ten thousand, he’ll do his cat, too…)

I remember seeing your pic in one of the papers you used to write a column for and I thought you were a clean cut pencil neck type!!

My, you do stand out! Any tattoos? Piercings?
Vitriolic scowl?

I’ve had cameras stuck in my face two or three times on the street. Each time, I just told them loudly and in English to “piss off, motherf-ucker” and they always have.

I am a curious type.

Did our friend Brian write something bad?

yes, I used unkind words to refer to my dear local hosts. Actually Juba’s advice was good advice. Flaming the locals will just make a screwed up situation more screwed up. Although deleating the post turns my stomach as I am a big advocate of ending “political correctness” and it is not like the locals never flame foreigners I see the practical wisdom of Juba’s advice. So I followed it.

Too bad too, it was a good “spicy” post. Oh, and for the folks who recommended a vacation, I don’t need a vacation, the locals…(oh, I almost said something politically incorrect again).

My new, new years resolution is no more typing for free.

Adios amigos,
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Ya know, I’ve been confusing you for Kevin Kennedy for a long time and only just realized it when you put out that description. Sorry about that, especially the Green Door/Green BAr thing.


p.s. I did not think any of that was racisit, only written under the influence of something green, and therfore quite honest and amusing.

I agree that the TV stations are totally out of line and do digusting reporting from Hospitals, Police stations and at accident sites. Someone should sue them for invading their privacy, and the rescueworkers for hindering their work.

I have also been approached, and appeared on TV a couple of times, with my consent (nothing wrong with that).

I also have the understanding that filming a street, pub, beach, etc. sceene of general interest, you do not need to ask permission from each and everyone (impossible…), and the TV station can use it as long as it is relevant to the story.

However, if you find yourself as the focus of some reporting without your consent and/or taken totally out of context, I think you should sue the TV-station. Press freedom is one thing and right to privacy is another. For good measurement, sue the police for letting the TV-cameras get in on police stations, raids and accident scenes and add a lawsuit to the hospitals that can not protect their patients.