The Right to Self Determination

Even though Northern Irish largely don’t want to be part of the ROI? Doesn’t sound very democratic.

They voted against independence.

What/who is obnoxious again?

Well it’s a lot more complicated than that.
You should look up the term Gerrymandering and 1921.

Nevertheless there’s an agreement in place whereby it’s future should be governed by a vote by Irish people on BOTH sides of the border I.e. the whole island of Ireland. Not going to happen tomorrow anyway.

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So the future of Taiwan ROC should be decided by the people on both sides of the strait?

Actually, it will be. Taiwan needs China on side in some form of other ultimately.

But Ireland is NOT similar to China and Taiwan.

Different history , different story . You need to dig a bit deeper into it. Imagine Taoyuan and Taipei were looped off as a different country affiliated with Japan when the Japanese left. It’s something more akin to that. Although its still an imperfect analogy.

Should it be though?

Edit: I am not changing my post. You can make a new one. I am leaving your original post as is in its quotes.

Ah HA! You ARE from the future!

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I’m making it clearer…What I mean is there is NO guarantee of peaceful and secure Taiwan without some kind of agreement with China, ultimately.

Not saying it’s possible now, but that has to be in the future.

That’s not the same. There is no guarantee that I will avoid being shot at tomorrow either. But I still have a right to be not shot at.

However, the right to self determination is about the people that already are there and are invested in their land. I am supportive of the decision of the Northen Irish whatever their decision may be. I am not supportive of non-consentual annexation or pressure.

It is the people of Taiwan that can choose their future. Not the compromised Chinese. The history or whatnot really doesn’t matter. We are in a rules-based order and we need to keep it that way.


We still have some rule-breakers that want to plunge the world back into the bad old days where kings played international chess with the world map and their populations as pawns and use their neighbours as ‘buffers’ or as I like to call it, meatshields.

I’m trying to explain to you.

The future of Northern Ireland rests in the hands of the people of Ireland, the whole island . By Law. Good Friday Agreement and a future Border Poll.

It doesn’t just depend on Northern Ireland.

And my opinion is that outsiders should not be determining the future for others.

Regardless. It is the Northern Irish that will make their own decision.

Irish people are not outsiders in their own country.

What the hell are you on about lol.

Is Naples or Milan not part of Italy?

Regardless the Good Friday agreement says that all the people of Ireland have a right to a vote on its future.

This might be news, but Northern Ireland is part of a different sovereign state.

Practically speaking, nobody in Napoli or Milan are disputing their status as part of Italy. They want to be part of Italy. And they are so they’re not having this conversation.


Good Friday Agreement

The agreement reached was that Northern Ireland was part of the United Kingdom, and would remain so until a majority of the people both of Northern Ireland and of the Republic of Ireland wished otherwise. Should that happen, then the British and Irish governments are under “a binding obligation” to implement that choice.

You know what that means, right?

It means that the ROI cannot decide unilaterally to annex Northern Ireland. It simply means that the ROI has to vote on consenting the annexation of NI. If the Northern Irish say no, there is nothing the ROI can do. It is meaningless if the people of the ROI want NI to be part of them.

The ROI cannot compel any territory to join their country.

I never said it was unilateral.

What are you on about ?

I said the future of Northern Ireland depends on all the people of Ireland. They are all Irish just living in different states .

@cake put up an interesting map/meme today. The “International community” is not 100% inclusive. Friday I had an interesting conversation with some of my students from Yemen, about their ongoing war. All geopolitical proxy war stuff. The kids from Congo, refugees from DRC China sponsored civil war, just looked on. No one even talks about their war in large circles. One ring to rule them all. I doubt that will ever happen, certainly not in my lifetime or the lifetime of anyone who preceded me.

This sentence implies that the ROI can unilaterally decide whether or not to annex Northern Ireland. Given the fact that the CCP LITERALLY parrots the same sentence you are saying, just swap the countries around, I would’ve imagined you know what that means.

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