The robot revolution thread


So Elon Musk’s Open AI has now progressed to the point where 5 AI bots can now play together and defeat a decent human team. It is looking to challenge professional dota players within a year.

They can now cooperate and employ decoy and lure strategies. They can also predict where a human player might escape to, and search areas outside of their vision scope.


When Boston Dynamics releases a movie of that thing crapping under the table and then pretending it didn’t do it, humanity is doomed.

Incidentally, did anyone see the movie Ex Machina, which was more-or-less on that topic (ie., the idea of machines demonstrating their intelligence by fooling humans)? Personally I hated it. It started off well and had some very good solid characters, and then sort of all fell to pieces and turned into an excuse for Alicia Vikander to get her kit off. Not inherently a bad thing, of course, but it basically destroyed both the carefully-constructed characters and the flow of the story; it ended up as Frankenstein, except with a completely implausible route to that outcome.


Use AI to find humans. Identify and exterminate threats.

Now imagine someone like Trump would have access to such technology. And he decides to be dictator for life because he is such a great leader. All first amendment weapons in the US will be useless against AI hordes of tiny killer robots. And if you manage to fight off the small bots for now then you can expect the terminator to be on the way to kick your ass.


Well, Taiwan may be losing its young graduates to SEA countries with better salaries, but at least it is developing groundbreaking AI:


Perhaps they studied Bank Employees in Taiwan, and realized that they were willing to follow a set of instructions , no matter how ridiculous they may appear to be.


Shotguns will do just fine.

And flyswatters for the smaller ones.


You haven’t read The Diamond Age, or you just don’t find it (technologically) plausible?


Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight; and don’t bring a gun to a, uh, fight with killer robots.


Thanks Finno. @discobot approves of your respect for its terminatorial power. :robot:


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What do you think of guns? @discobot quote


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You do know that flying machines require certain design compromises, right?

Likewise miniaturized machines.


The compromises arise from the properties of materials and the technology. In the future, they’ll have better materials and technology.

Of course I realise there are certain physical limits, like the viscosity of air. But the point is, they only need to move faster than you can reload.


It depends on the numbers. How many drones in the swarm? How many bitter clingers with shotguns in the counterswarm? Here’s where the consequences of gun rights show themselves with exceptional clarity. Gun rights and gun culture means lots of angry rednecks with shotguns. Lots and lots of them. Swarms of them.

Also, one side may be on death ground. That creates a psychological advantage. The other side will be complacent, or - with a Darth Vader type commander - even risk averse.

Also, the drones will be either remote controlled - reducing responsiveness quite a bit - or autonomous - lacking human ability to think outside the box. A well designed system will be a careful mix of the two, but a well designed system isn’t likely to happen.

It’s asymmetrical warfare. The phrase “an army of Davids” comes to mind.

Oh, and… eventually the defenders will have their own killbots. Crudely manufactured and few in number, but brilliantly designed. Because good engineers like freedom and thrive in freedom.

Oh, and of course they’ll hack the enemy’s control systems. Especially if they have a reason.


A shotgun-armed posse vs. a swarm of nanobots. Move over, UFC! :popcorn:



So unfortunate that autonomous driving is not there yet. The misery you have to endure by driving in Taiwan is insufferable.


no escape from the patriarchy!