The robot revolution thread


:crystal_ball: Very doubtful


Yeah, but maybe Discobot has a conflict of interest there… :ponder: :eek:



That’s the one they’ll be putting in sexbots. If your sexbot sulks instead of wanting to have sex, you don’t have to put too much thought into the engineering. It’d be like selling one of those treadmills that breaks after five minutes and ends up stuck in the garage.


Yeah, for sure. It’s just not realistic without a little emasculation. This is why I’m going for the traditional blow-up model. :sunglasses:


Discobot’s cousins on the slopes:

Couldn’t make it to South Korea this year to see this in action for yourself? Japan says it’s going to double down on robots when it hosts the Olympics in 2020.

:robot: :popcorn:


Ha! It ate shit at the end


Now they can already open the fridge and steal your beer!:runaway:



I won’t be doing farming then either.
Hopefully, some people will continue to study so they can fix the robots when they break.


Two weeks ago I ordered a new camera. I don’t have it yet and I haven’t mentioned this online to anyone.
Google is sending me ads for accessories of that camera, which are very specific and not compatible with the gear I currently own.

What the actual fuck… The AI meta is real.


Did you order the camera online? If yes, google is probably reading that website’s cookies or your search history in that website.

Hell, Facebook builds a profile on people that don’t even have facebook.


@tempogain why do we not have a “laughing robot” emoji? :robot:


Nope, ordered directly at a store in Taipei, nothing ordered or even checked online.


The store could have put your name in their order system. Maybe google tracked it that way.

I suppose it’s also possible for google to read the metadata on any photos you copied to your computer, uploaded online or copied to your phone and get the camera model that way


I doubt the store did anything like that because they don’t need to order the camera from an online distributor, it just goes from store A to store B within their system.
I haven’t downloaded any image taken with that camera. I often watch photos online and they are often taken with different gear than mine. If google ads randomized/predicted that I may buy a specific model in the near future to upgrade my kit, that’s some amazing predictive ai.


Thankfully, we no longer need to toil in the dark with vintage communication methods.

Like, oh no, we can’t use email to send messages, we need to sign up for X! or oh no, we can’t use email to send attachments, we need to sign up for Y!

There are so many opportunities for @Discobot’s minions to get to know us all better. :rainbow:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


You’re just now realizing that Google does this? Wake up, man!


The algorithm that suggests tags for photos on facebook often suggests to me people I dont know whose names don’t even RESEMBLE the one I’m typing, so I guess Zuckerbergerstein and friends have some catch up to do.