The robot revolution thread


Either that, or they know something you don’t. The AI works in mysterious ways.


[with reference to the other thread]

Now you’re learning! :grinning: :rainbow:


Maybe they are listening to you through your smartphone.
Seriously a lot of people are reporting similar stuff.

They could also be combing your gmail.


The thing that surprised me is that my purchase was almost made on a whim at the store. I didn’t spend days looking for that camera model online, had no forum (or even real life) discussions about it. I was just there, noticed a good price and thought:“alright store meimei, siphon shekels from my credit card” and that was it.
Even after the purchase I didn’t mention it to anyone, it’s not like people in the volleyball league would care about it.
Then this morning I browse on the phone and all ads I get are accessories for that camera which I don’t have yet in my hands and aren’t compatible with what I own…
Fooking erloominatee


Did you inadvertently appear in someone else’s photo, holding your new gear?


Does the camera have some kind of wireless function that you can connect it to your phone? If so, did you use it like that?


Maybe Google is now in cahoots with the credit card people. So what camera did you buy, anyway? And why are we like the last people to know?


Probably connected your credit card purchase history to your Google profile.


I ordered it, dont have it yet!


I dont have it yet!


I only made an advance payment, but on the receipt it shows the model. Could it be the reason? I use the same CC for online purchases, so maybe google knows…sneaky fucker…

Canon 5D mkIV , now u know!


Ouch, those things cost a pretty penny. Congrats on staying on the Canon plantation. :wink:


Not that expensive, you only need to know how to look at the store meimei…

how could she even resist?

Canon <3


That price just got NT$10,000 higher (inspired by Trump “build the wall” quote).


They must pay the cc company to share the data , not just online data but all data related to your account (which is pretty messed up). Or else the receipt has gone though your gmail somehow.


She’d never do this to me, she can’t resist my smile when I do my Bill Cosby impression.


I assume your impression includes slipping her a quaalude. :grin:


A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…


Maybe there will be other Bots besides Discobot in the future and they’ll start their own topics and argue…


In the future? This is already happening. Wake up, man!