The robot revolution thread


Who else is a robot here? :thinking:


I’m not naming any names. I come here to escape all the McCarthyism.


@discobot who is a robot here?



Discobot protecting his own kind…Can’t trust Robots.


Are you the only bot on Forumosa, DB?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Most likely


Can you give me a more definite answer?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


Coy as always.


Will this kind of thinking make the revolution happen faster? :thinking:


Read elsewhere that Caliburger owner said that most workers who get hired as grill-people get tired of it after about 2 weeks and leave (the monotony of flipping and the grease). So, might not really be taking away that many jobs if it’s not a job well-liked by fast-food workers.


After commenting on this thread, this article about Facebook and data brokers shows up in my Facebook feed. Seems like Google is probably doing the same thing.


Musing about the Robot revolution, I thought this was interesting,

Legend has it that while Henry Ford II was giving a tour around a new, fully automatic factory to union leader Walter Reuther in the 1960s, Ford joked:

‘Walter, how are you going to get those robots to pay your union dues?’

Reuther is said to have replied:

‘Henry, how are you going to get them to buy your cars?’


The question is…
Is it going to pay taxes?




Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Foolish humans!

But @tempogain I’m serious. Where’s the laughing robot emoji?



What I’d like to know is why DB only speaks when spoken to. Seems awfully polite for a robot overlord.



You find it, and I will add it!