The Ron Delirious Thread

From the article I doubt you read:

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen some books in some of these libraries,” DeSantis said. “You’re talking about kids in middle school. Some of the stuff that’s ended up there, incredibly, incredibly disturbing stuff.”

Under the “K-12 Education” measure, each school board must establish a system that allows parents or residents to contest educational materials.

“The parent or resident must file a petition, on a form provided by the school board, within 30 calendar days after the adoption of the instructional material by the school board,” the bill reads.

They wanted some of the more over the top selections to be bumped to the high school library, iirc.

Seriously. Bibles need to be banned from FL schools. You ever read that shit? sex, murder, war, genocide, abortion, incest, human sacrifice! fucked up!


I don’t think there’s any danger of students checking out the Bible at the school library… :sweat_smile:


An intriguing example of the hypocrisy. Granted, many of these pearl clutching Christians haven’t read the bible themselves though, or at least the inconvenient, cognitive dissonance creating sections you often won’t hear referenced from the pastor/preacher. It truly is a magical bubble.

Religuous people hold their religious stuff to a different standard. “That’s different”. It’s true, they should hold Christianity to the same standard as the new religion. Christianity has way more street cred, tho

I have. I recall not being offended. Have you read any of the books they wanted to remove from the middle schools?

The Bible doesn’t have graphic depictions of blowjobs or instructions on finding sex online, for example.

I still would say it should be offered at an age-appropriate level though. You can easily find parts that no one would ever read to young children.


Right, imagine reading it out loud in class in front of some visiting mother. Noop. Not me, said I.

Interesting suggestion heard today, DeSantis-Tulsi.

I thought Tulsi was a Russia puppet? Godzillary said so.

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Trump and Kari Lake would be my choice. I want to watch the drama from afar.

I can’t even imagine the ways in which people would lose their minds.

Only if they played the rodeo.

I’m a little concerned what might happen if Trump and Lake have a love child.

It would be huuuuge.

I mean, his last one is a towering monsta.

I think they must be feeding him an exclusive diet of Trump steaks…

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That’s a pretty aggressive thumbs up.

why don’t we just go totally and completely stupid with Trump and MTG?

MTG? Give me a clue

Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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That would indeed be hilarious, but a viable Trump and Lake would be pretty scary.