The Sanctuary is Now Fundraising: Jane Goodall Endorses

I think most of us know Sean McCormack, aka Stray Dog on Forumosa, and his more than a decade-long work to help homeless and maimed animals in Taiwan. He has set up a great sanctuary on the north coast that homes about 200 dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits and soon deer who have been abandoned to die after having their horns repeatedly cut off for trad Chinese medicine.

His team is building a new shelter and need funds. Here’s a link to their Indiegogo campaign. If you can donate bless you, and if you can donate and share then there will be double happiness to you and your offspring to the 10th generation. … ent-funded

If anyone knows local writers, bloggers, journalists, etc, please pass this on. It’s a great story about a great team doing important beautiful work here.

Okay I am bumping this up because guess who just did a video to endorse Sean and the Sanctuary?

JANE GOODALL: … ent-funded

Come on, spread the word.

Many thanks, Mucha Man! I checked our campaign analytics yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised to see that US$3,000 in contributions were directed from Forumosa—that’s incredible! Thank you to all who are contributing. This is a very challenging time but also amazingly inspiring and heartwarming. Our rescued animals are very grateful!