The Science of Pringles

You know how when you have a bag of crisps all the broken ones are at the bottom. This is because the small pieces can drop down between the gaps in the big ones.

But what about Pringles ? All the broken ones are at the bottom again, but there is no space for them to fall down, how do they get there ? Do they have a special machine to break the ones at the bottom ?

Please help :help:

They actually pack them upside down, that is, the ringpull top and plastic lid are really the bottom.
Then they fill the tube with crisps, and put 1-3 broken ones on the top.
Finally, what we know as the “bottom” is affixed to the tube.

Awww, DAMN! Now the mystery is gone. I sooo enjoyed my blissful ignorance. :eh:

Ah, crisps… :homer:

So much more onomatopoeic than chips…
I would suffer ordeals to obtain some fine Brit. style salt & vinegars…

Wouldn’t it just be the weight of the ones on the top pressing down making the bottom ones crack? Maybe during transportation or whatever, when the tubes are shaken around and stuff, there is some ‘give’ in the column of crisps, possibly like a shock absorber (although placing these on your car fucks up the handling - lots of understeer), and the crisps making the trunk are able to accordion about, but the ones at the bottom have nowhere to go because of the tin bottom, hence the shards of crisps.