The SECRET handshake @ COPA Saturday (Oct 4)

What’s the best kind of party? A free party of course.

This Saturday night come find your way through the Coke machine and come down to COPA, Taipei’s newest underground venue. Your musical maestros for the night will be the SOFA KINGS (DJ Charles and LEO37) along with the last of the great emperors, Marcus Aurelius.

This is one of those nights where people just let loose and have a good time. We will be playing all different kinds of music but there will be one underlying them—funky. It has to make heads nod and legs whip and wiggle.

Here is the event listing on facebook with all the details. Come out and dance those rainy blues away.

Also, this is your last chance to get discount tickets for the LOST LAGOON party featuring bands and DJs in an amazing setting in the mountains.

YanJi St Lane 137 #2
(Under Larry’s Pizza) through the Coke machine

And here’s a little taste of the music you will be hearing
Disco from the Congo

I’ll be adding another MP3 every day so check back to see what the fuss is all about

As a cheers to letting wall street flounder, I’ve got two for you.
Billy Paul-Circulate (my jam in these rough times)

and for the roughnecks out there
Young Jeezy–Circulate

the thing thats good about being broke is that you don’t have to worry about all this stock business.

Don’t forget the SECRET handshake saturday night

yeah, i know i missed a day but you got two mp3s the other day. and saturday i will have a mp3 mega post. if you like what you hear, this is just a small taste of what the sofa kings and morelus wil be serving up on the ones and twos.

rick james is more than just a superfreak.

secret handshake
saturday october 4

perfect music for early watching planes take off on an early friday evening.

devin the dude-cant make it home

the secret handshake @ COPA is tomorrow.

Ice Cube-It was a good day (REMIX!!!)

and the song I’m building my whole set around tonight
Black Sheep-Strobelight Honey

see you tonight. if you come after 1, look for the shifty looking alley next to the bar and there’s a buzzer back there to get in the back way