The shaving thread

It probably does, for the entirely alcohol-based ones (although I never found that to be a huge problem, personally). I think it was aftershave lotion mentioned above though, which to me implies some moisturizing oils and stuff being present as well.


Second buying a decent razor. I use the mach 3 ones as well as they dont scratch off the oter skin cells like the throw away ones. They are far more expenaive though, especially in taiwan. When i care enough to shave every day or 2, one blade only lasts a couple weeks…

Nowadays i use my buzzer for my hair without attachmnets to get it all down to a stubble then use the razor.

I try not to cause too much pointless pollution so gave up shaving creams and the like years ago. Now i just use shampoo, conditioner if im feeling fancy or bar soap in a pinch. Works equally as well if made all bubbly and lots of excess waste is avoided with zero ill effect on the shave.

I have a safety razor and shaving soap and I also find I get less irritation shaving after shower (maybe part of the problem is that in Taiwan almost everyone showers at night and shaves in the morning?). I swap the blades about once every week or two. I also find using aloe afterwards stops irritation.

I like the Mach 3 type ones but they’re expensive and I run out of blades. With safety razors you can buy 50 or 100 blades at a time. Better for the environment also.

I didn’t know so many people still used safety razors. I use the multiblade Gillette ones because they never nick me and shave very close. OK, a nick maybe once every other year if the cartridge is extra old (I change every month or so) and I am in a rush. Do the safety ones do a good job of not nicking?

I keep considering buying one of those top of the line electronic shavers. Idk if it’s worth it. I hate shaving. I get more facial hair now as I got older, not just in growth but more areas. Used to only be able to grow a stach and the chin when I was 22. Now it’s basically my entire face but still a bit patchy so not cool enough to let it grow.

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Why not grow an asian beard out and dye it blonde like Cold Skull Sanada??

Beard trimmer.

Do it.

Much less hassle and all men look cooler with some form of facial hair, it’s a proven fact.

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Why do Japanese men seem to grow better beards (fuller, relatively speaking) compared to Koreans, Taiwanese, and other Asians?
The drinking water?

I’m not sure, probably down to genetics, japanese are pretty different to chinese i think. But i have noticed this to be true when i was in japan.

It’s too patchy to look like that.

I rather be the stereotypical Asian guy with no facial hair. Shaving is so annoying.


Do any of you use electric shavers?

I’m honestly ok if the shave isn’t that close like with a razor. But I’ve tried one before and it just doesn’t do a good job and takes me even longer going over the same spot 10x to be consistent tbh, especially with cleaning it and charging it.


Philips series 1000 rotary. Pulls hairs, hard to get straight line and seems underpowered. Maybe a better Philips model would be better.

Braun series 3, previously, more comfortable.

Have to decide to shell out the NT$2-3000 or more at one purchase instead of buying razors every couple weeks.

I’m curious about cheapy brands at the local Taiwan neighborhood hardware everything stores for around NT$1000. Almost like a disposable.

Way tired of playing the change razor blade game with semi-disposables.

I second that!
I was gifted Braun Series 3 for Father’s Day 2 years ago, and never looked back.

You probably didn’t get a good shaver.
For me, I get the same results as with a razor. And faster, as I can shave without cream and no need to run the razor under water after 3~4 passes.


My stubble is too coarse for an electric razor. I use this Japanese Feather MR3 Neo cartridge razor, which works like a charm. It doesn’t give a really close shave, but it’s incredibly smooth. The cartridges will probably be pretty hard to find in Taiwan, but luckily I have a big supply.

I knew you had tried it before…


Shaving can be a challenge when you have hooves, but I’d never let a woman near me with a sharp razor.

It’s better to pre-oil your skin, than shave.


Good shaver, I have one but the mesh is full of holes, need to buy new mesh (about NT$ 1000, 30 USD), they will last about 12-18 months. You can use the Braun while showering, taking care of your daily excretion exercise, saves time. Currently use 5+1 Gillette tho.

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Forget that.

Don’t use cheap razors they are cheap for a reason

Over here we have a new razor company called HARRYS and they sell a ten dollar razor with two razors and a handle
Five blade German made
Pretty nice !