The shaving thread

That’s what all of them cost, buying replacement blades is expensive.

This. Also much less irritation.

Using a beard trimmer at shortest setting (basically the shearing head directly on the skin) was a game changer for me. Tried both electric and razor shaving for years, resulted in lots of irritation and grown in hair. Regardless of aftershave or cream use.

Now with the trimmer and some anti inflammatory / anti grown in hair cream almost no problems any more. Just trim once or twice a week and be done with it.


  • Buy a trimmer with wide head, like the one shown below. I made the mistake to get a slim headed one as replacement, resulting in double time necessary…
  • Buy a trimmer that is waterproof. Wetting the stubbles and then trimming them reduces the mess significantly. The below model is not waterproof unfortunately.
  • Get a model that can be used also with the power/charging cable attached. That way an empty battery is never a problem.
  • For my situation “pushing” the trimmer upwards ( against the growing direction) with the upper side (with the power switch) facing the face works best.

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So far every eletric shaver i have tried pulls some hairs and wont get that close. I use one like the one above which brings it down to a stubble nd i carr on. But if i need to shave, so far razors have been the only ones. The mach 3 angles are really good. But they are indeed expensive and bad for the environment.

Plus the whole spying on you through their box conspiracy years ago haha.

Yeah. That’s what bothers me. It feels weird.

Which is about the way a shaver works, it’s a blade with holes and a vibrating or rotating shaver head that moves the hairs to the blade.

what’s the availability and cost of electric beard trimmers like in taiwan? will i be better off buying one in canada before i go?

What’s that about?

Interesting video comparing different types of electrical shavers:

I don’t agree when he says that Braun are difficult to clean, tho. I have one and I clean it without issues.

Replacement blade (cutter) heads for Braun in Taiwan are double the price on Amazon.

I also recommend this product. I used to laugh at the seemingly senseless addition of blades, such as “Mach 3” and “Quattro,” and relied on my electric shaver. In Taiwan, I’ve grown accustomed to the cartridge style razors.

  • before coming to Taiwan, my electric shaver worked well, but never gave a close shave. In Taiwan, replacing the broken screen was not an option when it broke (and easily clogged in the humidity as well).
  • most of my work here came with the expectation of a close shave. I got away with a goatee for a while during post grad studies and part time work, but was told it wasn’t suitable.
  • the newer cartridges (i.e., Gillette Fusion 5) last me one to two months each
  • I can shave against the grain without nicks or discomfort (I actually am a bit of a p*ssy and hate cuts, but love the closeness of the shave)
  • as a hairy dude, my beard grows in thick and fast (think five o’clock shadow by noon). A few days without a shave requires frequent rinsing of the cartridge and involves a fair amount of resistance during the shave, but results in no irritation despite my sensitive skin.

Just my :2cents:


Most Fusion 5+1 sold in Taiwan are imported from Japan, but the pic above does indicate cartridges are designed to last up to one month each, a claim I would support.

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Yeah, definitely buy in Canada I would say. You can buy generic ones fairly cheaply here on Shopee etc., but all of the ones I’ve seen in physical stores are massively overpriced.

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I f with these. The single razor on the back is great for whiskers the massive wall of 5 blades doesn’t reach.

Also in regards to electric ones, I’m not sure if 小米 stuff is any good but I saw an electric shaver that looked like the back of an iPhone 3G. I didn’t buy it because I don’t like electric shavers but it looked cool.

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Right! I use them on shave/taper my sideburns and trim my hairy mole (haha, TMI).

I use a safety razor with shave soap on face and neck, then switch to mach3 razor for my head. I used to use the mach3 exclusively for many years but it was a bit irritating and frigging expensive. The blades would only last a week or two. I’ve got tough facial hair, or at least that’s what the barber who shaved me at the oldest barber shop in the new world in Cuba told me . :laughing:. I shave 2x per week. The switch to safety razor was a good choice for me. Buy 100 blades for about $1000nt ±.

Don’t forget the alum after shaving.

Talking about professional shaves, do you guys turn on the water vapor/put on a warm towel before shaving? Or just go ahead and swing that machete?

I used to wipe warm water on my face first and then use shaving cream. Now in my recent apartment, it takes like five minutes for the water heater to kick in, and if I use it for too long I have to wait like a half hour before I can’t shower comfortably. I can afford better. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.

What were we talking about again?

Oh right, shaving. I use ice water.



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If you’re too cheap to replace your razor blade . . .

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It probably depends on the kind of hair?