The Shopping Thread

I did a search (and yes, browsed through the entire 14 pages of results) and wasn’t able to find one thread dedicated to an activity which I consider to be one of my favourite past times.

So anyway, what are your favourite stores/shopping districts?

Purchased anything interesting lately?


Idee is one of the best places for babe-watching, though I don’t think there’s much for a guy to buy there. My idea of a good shopping trip is to spend a while wandering around in Idee (next to the Zhongshan MRT station), and then pop next door to browse the goods and buy things in Xinguang Mitsokushi (with FNAC on the 9th floor, some good sports gear on the 8th floor, and decent suits and stuff on a couple of other floors).

I haven’t been to Idee for years… the last time I remember shopping there was when I was shopping for a prom dress (yes, it’s that long ago :blush: )

Incase anybody is interested, SKM at Tianmu is opening on the 24th!


I enjoy a good stroll around the Ball Mall (otherwise known by the more mundane “The Living Mall”) once in a while. I run across something nice from time to time. I also like checking out what Occitaine has. They sell some great stuff.

I also like checking out electronics stores. The K-Mall is a cool place to wander around, though Nova probably has a better selection and better prices.

I like Watson’s. It has these 1/2/3 for $99 bins. Always a bargain.

Also the stationery stores have such nice stuff! I love to stock up on occasion cards. Some I give away, some I keep, some I frame. I can spend a couple of hours just browsing and choosing the right pen.

We should go stationery shopping some time. I’d be up for that. :sunglasses:

We could make it a Forumosa Event! Hahahah…this week at Kingstone…next week at Eslite…heheh.

On second thought…

Someone, dial 9-1-1 …

GuangHua = Techie toys

GuangHua + Me = a few enjoyable hours of browsing and price comparisons. Be surprised how varied the prices can get.

Most recent purchase: 2 meter retractable network cable
(yes I know total geek but handy to carry with a laptop) :smiley:

Someone, dial 9-1-1 …[/quote]

Best dail 1-1-9 on Taiwan for medical emergency like this.


I just got back from Guatemala where the REAL Chicken Buses are. If you are wilder than those folks, that’s saying something…

Has anybody visited the new SKM in Tianmu yet?

[quote=“grayson”]GuangHua = Techie toys

GuangHua + Me = a few enjoyable hours of browsing and price comparisons. Be surprised how varied the prices can get.[/quote]

I absolutely love that place. :notworthy:

My wife fears it. :smiley:

I like Watsons because I can buy Kodak HD film there for significantly less than it used to cost me in Australia.

And I can also buy Cadbury chocolate (Australian), for less than it used to cost me in Australia. :astonished:

Of course, night markets are also fun to look and buy.

I have now entered the World of Plat so I can go to department stores now. I don’t feel like a loser no mo. Not that without one I am, but now I feel all growed up.:sunglasses:

World of Plat?

My guess would be platinum card.

So today I felt happy because I purchased some stuff. I don’t know why I need to buy something everyday to make the day complete.

It was one of those I love Taiwan days cuz socks are so cheap here! I bought nine pairs of socks for $150. Love the selection and price.

I love night markets. Now THAT could be a one or two time forumosa event. Anyone interested? Maybe me and jefferson?