The shy, keen students

I have at least two very keen students in separate classes, both girls about 10 years old, who are very good with their English but don’t participate very much unless called upon. I’d really like to change that.

I think, in part, they don’t want to show off and be seen as the teacher’s pet or a student who constantly outshines the others. This I can understand. But it pains me to see them sitting in the corner, not wanting to volunteer when I ask anyone to respond, and gererally staying silent almost the whole class.

Any suggestions on how to bring these students more into the class so they could contribute more equally, without making them look too smart for their own good?

Sometimes team based competion can work.

If the bright students getting correct answers helps the team the other team members will start to encourage the brighter kids to volunteer more. Then it wouldn’t be showing off, it will be helping the team.