The Sims

Is anyone else addicted to this game? I got it way back in the day when it first came out and then with Living Large, discovered all of the websites with downloadable goodies for your people. When I was in the Philippines, I happened to see Hot Date while looking for a travel guide. I have spent my vacation building families and houses and downloading more things. Why is this game so damn addictive? Is it a God factor? A voyeuristic fascination?

Tired it a few times but could never quite figure it out. I like Simcity. Does anyone have Simcity 4?

Sim City was okay, but it was too frustrating for someone as simple as me. I couldn’t build up any functional cities (never could figure out how to hook up water and electricity) so all I did was destroy which got old after a while. The Sims, though, you can play Paper, Scissors, Stone with the Grim Reaper to win back the soul of the recently deceased, have fun in a vibrating love-bed (or the heart-shaped jacuzzi for two), soak naked with three of your closest friends in the hot tub, and have slapfights with members of your family for kissing your lover. And speaking of lovers, the game is not picky about which genders can fall in love and it allows gay couples to adopt children. The world could learn a lot from this game.

Okay, I have to get back to setting up my newest house…a quadriplex with a home theatre and arcade next to the indoor swimming pool in the shape of a dollar sign (with a palm tree in the center).

Wait till you find out about the Online version. I think that’d be more fun. But it costs $10US every month. That can get costly after a year. Too bad a player can’t put up their own server so they can play with their friends or some other people on a limited basis.

Ah well. CounterStrike or Halo for me :slight_smile:

For those of you that likes online games, I suggest Final Fantasy XI. It has the most amazing graphics of any MMORPG (damn those Japanese are good), plus the most variety of playable characters.

However, you do need a credit/debit card from a US bank in order to play. It costs USD $12.95 a month to play, but its well worth it.

I would love to get more Sims games, but I am afraid that I would never leave my house if I did. I still want to get House Party and Unleashed. Vacation and Makin’ Magic just don’t seem that interesting to me. I also don’t like starting off with kids because you have to make sure they go to school or else they get shipped off to military school. Such as hassle to make breakfast for them after spending the night watching the big screen and the Serv-O robot just doesn’t that filling of a meal for them. I never let my Sims work either. I just use the money cheat. :smiling_imp:

Grayson, is it worth it getting the online version?

From what I understand from my Sims playing buddies, yes the online version is worth it. From what I could distill, it’s the chance of being able to interact with other players.

To me, never started cuz addiction can be bad. :slight_smile: GF can get a bit angry if you want to stay in playing video games vs. going out. (see Superbowl BudLight: Referee commercial for joking reference - )

Then maybe it’s a bad idea…I already spend enough time on Forumosa as it is…

forumosa+the Sims=Sims Online? For the sake of maintaining what little life I have, I think I’d better pass…

Well, I’m back into playing the Sims again, although my handy little magic mirror hack makes things a little too easy and not as much fun as it raises every single possible level for each sim that looks into it, including the little kids to keep them out of military school. Hell, even the butler takes care of the babies so I can’t get them carted off by child protection. What’s the point of creating a dysfunctional family if they’re so bloody happy and well-adjusted with just one look in the mirror?

By the way, the hacked mirror can be found here.

I’m seriously thinking of buying Makin’ Magic now. They have it at FNAC in English and Chinese.

You try out The Sims 2 yet? Your toons actually age in this version and can die of old age. Children also age the same way as adults, so you start off with a baby > toddler > child > teenager > adult and your genetic traits get passed onto them as well, all pretty cool stuff.

When they come out with more downloadable things for it, I would consider it. I have seen the graphics, though and the images left something to be desired.

For anyone who does want to buy Sims 2. Even though the box says Chinese Version and doesn’t even mention English, it’s there. Sims 2 gives you a choice of a few different languages when you install.

Call me a sick, twisted, puppy, but the thing I loved the most about the Sims was being able to fuck up their lives.

Yes, I even enjoyed their torment as they slowly starved to death after being trapped inside the walls.

Kinda OT, but hey, just sitting around waiting for a client on a Friday night (arghhh), so here goes…

I tried SimCity way back when, but as far as strategy games go, I like Ceasar 3…I like to build up amazingly fortified cities and then piss off Rome. They start to send legion after legion…I have never been able to hold 'em off for long…

I am going to just build a city of walls…call it Forumosa…just kidding…

This is a computer game?

[quote=“Dr_Zoidberg”]Call me a sick, twisted, puppy, but the thing I loved the most about the Sims was being able to fuck up their lives.

Yes, I even enjoyed their torment as they slowly starved to death after being trapped inside the walls.[/quote]

Personally, I like to bargain with the Grim Reaper for the soul of a recently departed family member. I’ve never lost a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with Death.

There is now a newer version of the Sims. Have you ever tried “Sim Golf”. It’s pretty good too.

I played the free demo included with Hot Date (I think). Wasn’t impressed, but I’m not a golf fan anyways…and you can’t kill anyone. No fun.