The Skeleton Key

I saw “The Skeleton Key” last night and found it very interesting. It is a thriller with an amazing twist in the tale at the end. Have you seen it?

It’s got my future mistress in it, so I’ll be seeing it as soon the DVD comes out. :heart: :lovestruck: :heart: :lovestruck: :heart: :lovestruck: :heart: :lovestruck:

For a preview/review, read this: … onkey.html

Saw that at the cinema a few weeks ago. Worth a look.

L :smiley:

it’s freaking me out already. i’m gonna see it with a big bucket of popcorn!

It’s well worth it. Rantheman, it’s one of those movies that you enjoy more if you watch it in a group so that you can talk about it afterwards to get rid of the posttraumatic stress disorder you’ll have afterwards, capisce?

oh shit! that scary?

It’s scary and then some!
I can’t let out all the secrets.

So, has anybody seen it yet?

Saw it. Recommend it.

Saw it on the plane. Got a stiffy at one point. In practice.

I didn’t ken you were that serious about her!

I didn’t ken you were that serious about her![/quote]
I intend to be in tiptop form when I finally get my schedule freed up enough to make a bit of time for her. I think she’s well worth the effort. :lovestruck: :heart: :lovestruck: :heart: :howyoudoin: