The slippery slope


Cypress Ranch senior Kayla Fitts, who was 52-0 this season before falling to Beggs 11-2 in Saturday’s semifinal match, told The Dallas Morning News , “The strength definitely was the difference. I didn’t anticipate how strong he was.”

Asked whether she believed having to wrestle Beggs was fair, Fitts firmly responded, “No.”

Why not?

“I understand if you want to transition your gender,” she said. "I understand that totally. But there’s a time and a place.

“You can do that after high school. Or if you want to do it, you can quit the sport. Because I don’t think it’s fair at all that you’re taking testosterone. That’s steroids. I know it’s not a lot. But still.”

Not surprisingly Texas’s legal framework revolves around the novel concept that Texans who carry XX chromosomes and those who carry XY should be treated differently because they are in fact physically different.

The transgender girl is hiding behind Texas’s “safe harbor” law to gain an unfair advantage (safe harbor law states that if steroids are medically prescribed then the high school athlete in question cannot be barred from competing based on use of said steroids).

Her excuse is that the authorities insist she wrestle girls so she has no choice. She’s wrong, of course, as the girl she beat badly in the semifinals rightly points out.

So the Texas “safe harbor” law need to change if such ftm girls refuse to treat their classmates fairly. Once again we see that gender changes are not always done through demands only; they will require changes in the law as well.

Transgenders making such demands is not exactly the way to change hearts and minds. If the girl who is now “transitioning” to male (with the help of exogenous steroids) realizes her dream to wrestle collegiately, I suspect she’ll learn that she’s begun her collegiate career with the black mark of refusing to behave honorably when “he” was a high school wrestler.


Really not many things worse than Warne tho


I am at a loss in this world. Don’t know any trans people, only ever seen them on occasion and I have no trans contact in my life.



The person is not full of steroids, but shows that how even what is deemed “normal” range of testosterone for a male makes a huge difference. I don’t understand why that person would even want to compete this way. It’s like me going to the playground to wreck elementary school kids in basketball on a shorter hoop.


Beggs is the trans person? Who the hell put the 2 on the loss column?


Yep, Beggs is the trans person.

The Fitts girl who lost to Beggs was 52-0 before the loss, yet she lost her semi-final match 11-2 to Beggs. Fitts insists the reason she lost was Beggs’s strength.

Not sure where you’re getting the 2 losses.


Oh, I read Beggs had 11-2 record.

What’s up with the parents though? Beggs parents or coach wasn’t like hey this is not good? For me, sports is about building character and honor. This doesn’t do neither of the two, what’s the purpose of this? I would refuse to coach Beggs and allow he/she to do this. If I was a parent I honestly wouldn’t place to much emphasis on winning and losing as much as what was done. Even if my kid was the best player by far, I would not let them say take 50 shots a game and win. Nobody likes that douche. Or let them not shake their opponents hand even if they won on a bad call.


We’ve just seen Mayweather beating up someone who was 2 1/2 stone lighter and had no chance. OK, that was just about the money.

But, fighting unfairly in amateur wrestling? Who is the coach here? What does he/she/they think they’re doing? Where is the shame?

I appreciate the frustration of the female to male athlete not being allowed to compete with boys. That is unacceptable. However, it doesn’t compensate for beating up girls when he’s pumped up with testosterone.


the unemployed parents of the 11yo “drag queen boy” let him dance like a stripper at a gay bar in front of a public that throws money at him. Some parents don’t care about the well being of their kids.


I get the story is about Beggs, but I can understand a child not understanding something. No one is guiding Beggs is what i’m concerned with. As her parent, are they proud or something? The entire world pretty much hates your kid and thinks he/she is a cheat. Why would you allow that? I could not coach this person in this way. I could not picture me cornering a trans person beating girls face in. I would ashamed to be there. Could not do it, like screaming “Yeah Dave, keeps punching Stacy’s face like that” WTF? Where are the adults in all of this?


Seems like the grandmother is her guardian and is ranting about ‘bias’ etc etc…
Could definitely be handled better.


"It’s Ma’am!!!"



Yep. For example, chess tournaments are typically set up with an “Open” category and a “Women’s” category. Women can (and in a small number of cases have) register for the open section, but typically don’t. It’s typically all of the men in the open category and all of the women in the women’s category.

Judit Polgar and Hou Yifan are really the only two female chess players who have been able to compete at the true super GM level with the world’s elite male players. Polgar was, at one time, ranked number 8 in the world among all players…by FAR the highest rating for a woman ever.



I debated starting a new topic about this because I couldn’t find a discussion of it on this board, but what is everyone’s view of the Louis C.K. thing?

I have been a huge fan of Louis for years. I’ve seen all of his specials many times. His show, Louie, is on my short list of greatest shows ever. I think he’s hilarious and very insightful.

I’m sure there will be people here that hate me for this, but I can’t figure out what he did that was so wrong. He was into some kinky stuff… but he has always maintained that he always first sought consent and, as far as I know, has never been accused of not first getting consent from the other parties.

Now I get the unequal power argument… but I think that’s B.S. I think everyone’s real problem with this is that he was into kinky stuff.

If, instead of masturbating in front of people, he was into just plain having sex with women, would there be an issue here? If he sought these women’s consent to have sex, they agreed, and then they engaged in consensual sex, would the power balance argument still be such an issue? If so, does that mean that a man with the amount of power and influence that Louis had (which really wasn’t that high at the time these events occurred) can never make sexual advances?

Nothing about this situation seems to make any logical sense to me…


Politically incorrect jokes. That’s his only “crime”, which unfortunately is a problem for the social justice mob. Just a few days ago he had part of a small show leaked, and many people sperged out about that as well.

The kinky stuff is irrelevant, it’s just the weapon of choice (anything even remotely connected to sexual activity without written consent -> #metoo). If it wasn’t something kinky, they would have picked one of his jokes about the jews and called him a nazi. If it wasn’t for that, it would have been one of his jokes about the use of the word “faggot” and called him a homophobe etc etc etc.

It’s a power play; public figure X does something politically incorrect -> social justice mob shows outrage -> if public figure X apologizes, the social justice mob wins and looks for another victim, while if public figure X doesn’t apologize they harass him (let’s be honest, the target is a male 99% of the time) and try to ruin his career/personal life. Rinse and repeat.

I do like CK as well, he should have never apologized.


The forces of social media and #metoo made him into a pariah. Can’t find collaborators who are willing to work outside social media, so Louis’s career is stalled.

The root problem imo is that in the digital age social media provides a platform from which old social fault lines peculiar to the US (Puritanism especially) - bolstered by the century-long stranglehold the American left has held on all forms of mainstream media - have become relevant once again, even though it’s 2019. So far there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

He makes the odd appearance at comedy clubs.

Edit: Social scars may be more accurate than “social fault lines.” In humans advanced scurvy causes old scars to dissolve and the original would to open up and bleed once again. Social media is a kind of similar-acting social scurvy imo.


But as far as I know, he never had problems with the left until the kinky stuff came to light. He IS a leftist. He called Trump “Hitler” and was a Hilary supporter. It was #metoo, not his politically incorrect content that got him in trouble. Now they are retroactively acting all offended by his politically incorrect jokes. They had no issue with that stuff when he was seen as one of them.

This is a guy who did a (hilarious) bit about how abortion is pretty much akin to killing babies, but he is prochoice because he thinks it should be legal to kill babies.


I think that’s the most accurate description of the state of the current “left intelligentsia”. They simply threw him under the bus because when it’s social justice hunting season, no one is safe.

As for why was he was suddenly put in the group of the baddies for kinky stuff: I can’t tell for sure, but it seems to me that if a very famous public person gets accused of a particular thing, there will suddenly be a fallout of similar accusations to other (possibly less famous) people. Every time there’s a big #metoo case, suddenly a few smaller ones pop up at the same time. When some public person is accused of writing a racist thing 20 years ago, suddenly a few more receive the same accusations.

I don’t believe it’s an organized thing though. I think that there are simply some sad individuals who for personal gain or simple “social status” spend a good part of their day looking for things that can cause outrage at public figures with accusations of sexual abuse, homophobia, antisemitism (see Pewdiepie) etc etc. If a very relevant public figure is accused of some #metoo stuff, then other similar accusations aimed at other people are more likely to be spread by all the various Salon/Vice/Buzzfeed etc

He liked to wank in front of consenting women…I mean, what kind of real problem is that? The fact itself is pretty irrelevant. He just happened to end up in the #metoo fallout, for the joy of all the media outlets that were able to write clickbait garbage about him.