The slippery slope


There’s an industry surrounding outrage that requires ever more outrage to maintain itself. I read an unwittingly hilarious interview with Roxanne Gay when she was banging on about homelessness having just moved into a 5 bedroom house. These people are making a fortune out of outrage while simultaneously being completely lacking in self-awareness.


I like Louie CKs stuff, mostly, but what he did was really creepy and verging on abusive and sexual harassment.

He doesn’t realise that cos he thinks it’s okay to get everything out there . But he crossed the line for sure. He deserves to have got hammered for it.


He asked women for consent to wank off in front of them. Creepy? Yeah… Sexual abuse? I don’t think so. Deserving of the amount of backlash he received? Absolutely not.

The left speaks of Louis as if he is a rapist now.

I thought the line that you speak of was consent. If it’s not consent, then what is it? By coming down on Louis this hard, the line has been completely destroyed. Now consent isn’t even clear.


Can you get your employees or contractors to consent to you jerking off in front of them ?

That’s sexual harassment. He deserves to get hammered. Lucky if he’s not sued.


That’s the crux of the issue. A few of the girls said they didn’t feel like they could say no, and he admitted as much in his apology.

Personally, I’m offended by the fact that he’s no longer that funny. He’s always done outrageously offensive humor, but it was unexpected and original.


As far as I know, none of the women were employees or contractors. They were coworkers.

And all of the instances were 12-15 years old…back when Louis was nowhere near the industry powerhouse that he was in 2017.

Awkward, inappropriate, deserving of scorn… Of course.

But not sexual abuse, in my opinion.


How do you know that he’s no longer funny?



Coworkers is better ?
Wasn’t he the star of the show and if he didn’t like them they could get booted ? Lose their income and big chance ?

Also did he jerk off in front of guys too? (Not that it should matter which sex was involved…But there could be a pattern there).

We are talking sexual harassment here.


Is it enjoyable or will it fill my heart with sadness?


Your mileage may vary but a lot of it relies on him using naughty no-no words. Again. There was one laugh for me, but I think he’s way behind when it comes to edgy. Topics he talks about were handled better by Dave Chappelle and Ricky Gervais over a year ago.


I thought it was a pretty great set. Remember, this isn’t a finished special or anything. This is a comedian working out some new material. It’s not supposed to get this level of scrutiny. Still… I was laughing at a bunch of the content. Still much better than 90% of stand-ups I hear.


Coworkers is not better…but less of an abuse of power, which is what he is mostly being condemned for.


wait, what…



the Joker gonna joke




So…if you were born with a dick but identify as dick-less, you can enter that women college…



Canada never ceases to amaze me.


This plenary will argue against the use of conventional standards in college courses that grade student writing by single standards. Inoue will discuss the ways that White language supremacy is perpetuated in college classrooms despite the better intentions of faculty, particularly through the practices of grading writing."

This is incredible.

How is it possible that during their meetings no one ever brought up the point that removing a single standard for grading implies that…oh, whatever.