The slippery slope


They tried to be socialist but it didn’t quite work. Next they’ll be trying shariah law.

The self destructiveness of nice-at-all-costs.


Ah so if it works…Not socialist.
If it doesn’t work…Socialist.

This line of argument is sophisticated, I like it.

Still keep enjoying your NHI folks. Mandatory socialist scheme…


Just trying to put in simple words for the people that don’t seem to understand what true Socialism is. Of course , as was mentioned in the article, if you had bothered to actually read it , is that every modern society has compassion and services for some…That is just a small part of the overall policies . Anyway , a more complete explanation is in the article.
You can take a Horse to water …


Seems to me ‘Socialism’ doesn’t have an definition. There is no unified political theory that self-proclaimed socialist countries or parties adhere to. Marxism has been shown (scientifically, by experiment) not to work in practice. But not many people call themselves Marxist these days, for that reason.

For diagnosis of symptoms, Brianjones’s version is probably about right.


Muslim community patrol coming to the neighborhood


which soon turns into Sharia Law patrols like in Europe and Australia


It’s more an attitude than a theory. Most theories are, in fact. At least, the ones that get enacted. Socialism is as socialism does. The rest is just talk.

Plenty of people call themselves Marxists, but not loudly or publicly.


Cheap scaremongering. God forbid we have positive action to protect the community, like other groups do in NYC without comment.


But do they have cars and uniforms that look exactly like the NYPD? I’m surprised they can do that, it’s illegal in most states to have cars that looks like a police car.

And what exactly do they need protection from? From all the numbers i’ve seen, crimes against muslims both for random and directed at Muslims are remarkably low for a populated city like NYC. There’s no bombings at mosques…unlike other muslim populated cities. Seems like they need protection from other muslims more than anything.



It’s a big and at times dangerous city. It’s just community patrolling.


Really? I’m surprised they don’t have laws against it. I believe most states and local gov have some laws on that.


fun times!


It’s happened to him again?


Not NYC, apparently. They probably have to go through some vetting and training to get approval.


Wanting to beat the hell out of someone for such trivial reasons as jumping inline when I’ve been waiting my turn at the post office for 20 minutes is a natural inclination , but that doesn’t make it right. Wanting to do things and doing it are very different in my opinion.


They’re filling a vacuum.


What a moron. No difference between biological male and female lol?


Technically, it IS discrimination.


being undiscriminating is now a virtue.